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You can now join Study From Home at any time

Posted on 08/04/2020 by

Keen to start studying at a specific date that suits you? Now you can!

Newsflash: You can now enrol with Study From Home at any time! 

We used to have set enrolment dates (with new courses starting around once a month), but you can now start studying at any date that suits you (provided your application is accepted).

“The coronavirus pandemic is changing the way we all work and study, and we’re adapting to make it as easy as possible for people to access our qualifications,” says ITC Marketing Manager Mel Jenkins.

“If you suddenly find yourself with time on your hands and wish to study, the last thing we want to do is tell you to wait another month to begin. Now, you can get started straight away and make the most of this opportunity to study.”

Study From Home is backed by a strong support team, with several staff on-hand to help you begin your studies.

Unlike many other distance learning platforms, we offer real support from real staff – you will have access to qualified tutors and a community of learners. 

“It’s the next best thing to studying in a classroom. We’ve been running Study From Home for over 15 years, so we’re not new to distance learning – we know what works, what doesn’t, and have robust systems in place to support our students,” explains Mel.

What can you study?

We currently offer three award-winning, industry-leading qualifications.

Which course is right for you?

Our course advisors can help you decide which course is right for you. Book a free online information session today to explore your options and learn more about our exciting qualifications. 

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