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What is your learning style?

Posted on 23/03/2016 by
Take your study sessions to the next level by finding out what type of learning style suits you best.

Take your study sessions to the next level by finding out what type of learning style suits you best.

We all have different ways of learning. Some people are visual learners and respond to bright pictures and flowcharts. Others need to study by themselves in peace and quiet before they can fully absorb information.

These are just a few examples – there are so many styles out there! Which learning style do you most identify with? Read on to find out, and for tips on how to make your learning style work for you.

The visual learner

Visual learning style

You learn best when looking at bright pictures, photos, videos and other visual media. You’re happiest when doodling ideas on a big piece of paper with coloured pens, or scribbling on the whiteboard.

Study From Home tip: invest in a vision board and decorate it with drawings, flowcharts and other visual aids to help stimulate learning. Surround yourself with colour!

The verbal learner (aka the writer)

verbal learner

Words are your friend. Whether they are written or spoken, you learn best when given detailed explanations. You’re very articulate, love language and adore reading.

Study From Home tip: Always keep a journal close by. You never know when you’re going to need to work out an idea on paper!

The doer

Physical learning style

Not one to sit on the sidelines, you like to get amongst the action. You prefer to be hands-on and you absorb information when physically doing whatever you’re trying to learn, for example through role play.

Study From Home tip: Look for ways to apply your travel and tourism study to real life, through volunteering for work experience or visiting popular tourism hot spots in your town.

The listener

the aural learner

You make a great student in the classroom, as you learn best when absorbing sound or music. To remember tricky information, try making up your own rap, song or rhyme.

Study From Home tip: Listen to music in the background as you study, or record your notes and play them back to yourself.

The social learner

Startup Stock Photos

A great team player, you work best in a group environment and love studying when surrounded by other people. You also love a lively discussion!

Study From Home tip: Get out of the house. Take your study gear to a crowded cafe to boost your energy levels. Or, if possible, create your own study group with other people in your area.

The solitary learner

the solitary learner

You like quiet, clutter-free spaces where you can process information in your own time, at your own pace. You’re highly organised, self-motivated and enjoy setting goals.

Study From Home tip: You are perfectly suited to studying from the peace and quiet of your own home (providing your home is quiet, that is!). Set up a tidy, private study space and let flatmates or family members know not to interrupt.

The logical learner

the logical learner

You have a very ‘mathematical’ brain and tend to approach problems in a very systematical way. You learn best when following a highly organised (and logical!) structure, which makes you great at prioritising and time management.

Study From Home tip: Write a to-do list and the beginning of each day and systematically check off each task as you move through them – this will help you feel in control.

What is your learning style? Share in the comments below!

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