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Tourism spotlight: Northland New Zealand

Posted on 30/09/2015 by
Ocean Beach, Northland, New Zealand // Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Ocean Beach, Northland, New Zealand // Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The New Zealand tourism industry is thriving. Almost every news article that is published about the sector is brimming with positivity – tourism businesses across the country are enjoying high visitor rates and steady growth.

One thing that is especially great about this growing industry is that it impacts the whole country – not just Auckland and the main cities. People travel to the far corners of New Zealand, from the tip of the North Island to the bottom of the South and everywhere in between.

The tourism industry offers a wonderful opportunity for those living in regional New Zealand to become part of something special – to show both domestic and international travellers the wonders of our beautiful country.

We thought we’d celebrate our amazing tourism industry by putting the spotlight on different regions each month. As ITC’s distance learning branch, we are passionate about ensuring qualified, experienced tourism professionals are able to work in small towns and cities. And what better way to encourage people to go to these areas than by shining a light on what makes them great?

It makes sense to start at the top. Let’s take a look at what makes Northland Tourism in New Zealand so special.

The winterless North

Have you ever heard people referring to the winterless North? While it can rain an awful lot between Cape Reinga and Whangarei, the temperatures rarely drop below 5 degrees and there’s definitely no chance of snow.

This makes Northland incredibly popular during the summer season – many people flock to the beautiful Bay of Islands and beyond to enjoy camping holidays by the sea. It’s also a hit with boaties, fishermen, hikers and anyone who enjoys the great outdoors.

As summer is peak season, you’re likely to find seasonal jobs pop up between late November and early March. You’ll also bump into many international tourists over these months – a great chance to meet (and possibly even work with) people from all around the world.

Rich in history and culture

Northland is a region of incredible historical significance. From the Treaty of Waitangi to early European settlements, it is brimming with culture. If you work in this area, you’ll need to know your history, especially if you are working near museums or other cultural centres.

Good thing is, the local people will be more than happy to help you fill any gaps in your knowledge – they are friendly, welcoming and love sharing their learnings.

Nature’s paradise

Another pillar of Northland’s tourism industry is its many natural attractions. Beyond the stunning beaches there are lush native forests, hiking tracks, cycle trails and many more spots for outdoor adventures.

Most of the outdoor activities require tourism workers of some shape or form, from tour guides to shop assistants. If you love being in the great outdoors, Northland could be the base for you.

Luxury tourism

You might not know this, but Northland also attracts many of the world’s celebrities, CEOs and super rich. This is because the area is relatively secluded – a sunny retreat at the bottom of the world – and there are also some excellent luxury hotels and lodges in the region.

The luxury tourism sector tends to hire the best of the best in the industry, so if it’s your dream to one day go from working at a youth hostel to an extremely high-end hotel, then keep working hard on your craft – aim for perfection in everything you do.

Overview: top tourism employment areas in Northland

  • Seasonal summer jobs
  • Hotels and hospitality
  • Luxury accommodation
  • Outdoor adventures
  • History and culture

We hope this spotlight on Northland has given you a better understanding of the region’s tourism sector. Next up: Auckland. Watch this space!

Do you work in Northland? We’d love to hear from you – leave a comment below to share your experience.

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