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Tourism New Zealand puts NZ’s regions on Australia’s radar

Posted on 11/10/2017 by

Matapouri Bay, one of Northland’s most iconic beaches. Northland was recently the focus of a targeted marketing campaign headed by Tourism New Zealand.

Tourism New Zealand is increasing its promotion of New Zealand’s less visited regions, such as Northland, to Australian travellers.

The organisation recently ran a pilot target marketing campaign to attract travellers from the Australian state of Victoria to Northland – and early results suggest it was a success. The campaign ran for two months earlier this year and reached approximately 1.5 million people. According to Flight Centre (a campaign partner), there was a 40 per cent increase in the number of passengers booked to Northland.

Tourism New Zealand chief executive Stephen England-Hall says this campaign will hopefully be the first of many targeted campaigns that focus on a single region.

“The pilot was the first Tourism New Zealand campaign focused on a single region to test whether we can influence a shift in travel patterns toward our less visited regions,” he said in a press release.

He adds: “We are focused on encouraging more international visitors to the regions to share the economic benefits tourism delivers. The results of this test proved that yes we can and will be incorporated into our future work, as well as shared with industry to support theirs.”

One of the reasons tourism is such an attractive career in New Zealand is because there are tourism job opportunities in most parts of the country – even remote areas. Marketing efforts by Tourism New Zealand – and other organisations – could result in more job opportunities being created in New Zealand’s less visited regions.

As Mr England-Hall says, tourism is “one of the country’s biggest employers and for some communities like Northland, this is essential. It is fantastic to see that with specific, targeted partnership activity we can direct the consumer into our lesser visited regions, helping more regions to benefit from tourism.”

Tourism New Zealand is planning a second targeted marketing campaign for Northland, as well as another one for the South Island.

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