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Tourism New Zealand begins $3.2m regional tourism drive

Posted on 17/01/2018 by

The West Coast of the South Island is one of two regions currently being marketed to Australian travellers.

Tourism New Zealand is currently promoting two regional New Zealand centres to Australians as part of a $3.2m marketing strategy.

Northland and the West Coast of the South Island are the focus of a twelve week campaign targeted at Australian travellers.

The campaign – which includes Facebook advertising, outdoor advertising, and PR activities – hopes to entice Australian travellers to visit Northland or the West Coast in autumn of this year.

Tourism New Zealand chief executive Stephen England-Hall says the campaign is part of a wider strategy to encourage more tourists to include regional New Zealand in their travels.

“This is about ensuring that more communities can enjoy the benefits of tourism and for those benefits to be extended beyond the peak season months,” says Mr England-Hall.

Northland was part of a trial campaign last year and received an increased number of visitors as a result.

Mr England-Hall says he is excited to include the West Coast in this year’s marketing efforts, and hopes it will help to support tourism jobs in the area.

“By encouraging more visitors to areas like the West Coast, we are contributing to a multi-agency effort to help regional growth. More visitors to the region mean more spending on things such as accommodation, activities, food and drink,” he says.

Mr England-Hall adds that tourism is a key employer throughout the country.

“Tourism provides significant employment in New Zealand with one in seven people directly, or indirectly, employed in the industry.”

Time will tell whether this campaign results in an increased number of visitors to Northland and the West Coast. Regardless, this investment in the marketing of regional New Zealand is good news for anyone interested in pursuing a tourism career outside of the major cities.

Tourism is an excellent career choice for people living in regional New Zealand, and with increased investment, new career opportunities are expected to open up over the coming years.

As more tourists travel to regional centres, there will be an increased demand for qualified tourism workers. So, if you live in the regions and you’re thinking about a career change, a qualification from ITC Study From Home could be worth considering.

If you love travel and you’re passionate about tourism, get in touch with ITC Study From Home today to learn more about our distance learning courses. You can study from home, from anywhere in New Zealand, and be qualified to work in the tourism industry in as little as 20 weeks.

We have courses starting on March 12, so don’t delay – contact us today to learn how we can help you kickstart your tourism career in regional New Zealand.

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