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Tourism is NZ’s second largest export – and more incredible facts!

Posted on 17/04/2024 by


Get the latest exciting news about travel and tourism.

After the pandemic saw a global slowdown in travel and tourism, we’re now watching an incredible shift back to regular travel around the world.

Here are just some of the latest facts and statistics showcasing just how rapidly the market is growing, and therefore how many employees it will need to sustain the demand

Tourism is our second-largest export

For example, tourism is now New Zealand’s second largest export, which is especially important as Aotearoa faces other challenges, such as the recovery after Cyclone Gabrielle.

In the Hawke’s Bay, tourism operators are seeing huge visitor numbers, with the visitor economy recording its highest ever contribution to the regional GDP in the year to September 2023. Plus, some accommodation providers in the area recorded their busiest Januaries ever.

Visitor arrivals in New Zealand increased more than 800% in 2023

New figures from Tourism Satellite Account show that overseas visitor arrivals to New Zealand increased by a massive 858.7% in the year to March 2023. That equates to more than 2.1 million people visiting our country and exploring everything there is to see and do here.

It’s no wonder so many local tourism and travel companies are seeking qualified staff to help cater to those visitors.

Tourism directly employs almost 200,000 people in New Zealand

The same Tourism Satellite Account data found that there were 189,432 people employed in New Zealand directly by the tourism industry. That’s an increase on the year before of more than 60,000 people – or 48%!

Overall, that means that a massive 6.7% of all people employed in Aotearoa are working in tourism.

International travel is set to hit $11 trillion in 2024

In 2024, the global travel market is expected to see $11 trillion spent on tourism.

This boom is said to signal a golden era of travel, and according to World Travel and Tourism Council President and CEO Julia Simpson, it’s no longer about a recovery.

“This is a story of the sector back at its best after a difficult few years, providing a significant economic boost to countries around the world and supporting millions of jobs,” she explained.

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