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Top tips for communicating online

Posted on 27/09/2017 by

Sharpening your online communication skills will serve you well throughout your studies and beyond.

When you study from home, most of your communication will be online. Even though you probably communicate online with friends and family every day, it’s a slightly different ball game when it comes to your education.

Here are some tips for successful online communication throughout your studies and into your career.

Be crystal clear

Being perfectly clear about the purpose of your email is vital. When you email your tutor, the clearer you are and the more specific your question is, the less room there is for confusion.

If it helps you to organise your ideas and questions, use bullet points, italics, or bold text to make it obvious exactly what it is you’re after. This will help your tutors (and in future, your bosses and colleagues) to help you!

Use correct grammar

Spelling, grammar and syntax might not matter in a conversation with friends, but they’re important in professional online communication.

Read over every email to check for grammar and spelling before you send it, and install a website plug-in such as Grammarly to help you get it right if you’re unsure.

Be friendly  

A rookie error in online communication is to skip straight to business and be blunt about what it is you’re emailing about. Even though you don’t mean to be brusque, the tone of the message can come across this way.

Add a quick note about hoping their day is going well, make a comment about the weather, or throw in a reference to looking forward to the weekend. These little friendly remarks will soften the tone of the email and ensure you come across the way you mean to.

Don’t make people wait for a reply

If someone emails you, make it your goal to reply as soon as you can (ideally within a day or two). Even if you only reply to tell them that you’re busy today and will take a closer look tomorrow, at least acknowledge that you’ve received their email and that you’ll get back to them as soon as you have the chance.

Online communication is an important part of any modern job, so if you can get this right when you’re studying, it’ll serve you well once you start working in the tourism industry.

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