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Tips for talking about studying from home in job interviews

Posted on 14/06/2017 by

When you go for a job interview, make sure you let potential employers know the benefits of studying from home.

Studying from home requires motivation, focus, and commitment. It shows that you’re driven, determined, and willing to succeed – and that you can work well independently with minimal supervision. With this in mind, a Study From Home qualification makes you an ideal candidate for many tourism jobs around New Zealand.

However, not all employers will understand how distance learning works. Some of them might wonder if your Study From Home qualification is the same as an on-campus qualification (it is, by the way!). Others might wonder how you will work in a team environment.

That’s why it’s up to you to talk about your study from home experience in a positive light at job interviews. An interview is your chance to show potential employers how studying from home makes you a great candidate.

Here are some tips for talking about your experience in a way that will help you impress potential employers.

Always use positive language

Frame your decision to study from home in a positive light.

Don’t say: “I decided to study from home because I didn’t want to spend money commuting to campus.”

Instead, say something like “I chose to study from home because it allowed me to be more productive with my time.”

Use language that draws attention to the positive aspects of your decision.

Focus on your qualification

Whether you study from home or on-campus, you still graduate with the same qualification. Make sure your employers understand that your study from home qualification is not inferior in any way.

Talk about the skills you learned, the assignments you completed, your favourite topics, and showcase the quality of the qualification.

Be a team player

Studying from home may be physically isolating, but you still study as part of a team. Explain in your interview that you interact with classmates using online forums and the telephone. Talk about how you’re confident talking to people both in person and online, and how this is a great customer service skill.

Make it clear that although you chose to study from home, you love working with people and you can’t wait to be in an office environment. Dispel any doubts they may have about your ability to be a team player.

Talk about your strengths

As mentioned above, studying from home requires many strengths, so don’t forget to mention this in your interview.

Draw on examples from your study from home experience to show how it makes you:

  • Independent
  • Resilient
  • Focused
  • Determined
  • Self-motivated
  • Willing to learn
  • Adaptable
  • Flexible
  • Able to self-manage
  • Able to work autonomously
  • And more!

Be sure to add your own strengths to this list. And remember, a job interview is your time to shine – so don’t hold back from talking about your positive qualities. Good luck!

Study From Home teaches four airline, travel, and tourism qualifications throughout New Zealand. Enrolments are open now for upcoming courses – get in touch today to discover if studying from home is right for you.

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