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Tips for studying from home when you’re an extrovert

Posted on 07/11/2018 by

Crave the company of others when studying from home? Read on for tips on how to succeed at distance learning when you’re an extrovert.

Extroverts are typically social, outgoing, confident people who feel energised when they spend time with people. They tend to thrive in group settings and love socialising.

Does this sound like you?

If so, you might find studying from home a little more challenging than introverts do (introverts love their own company and feel energised when they are alone).

But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways you can make studying from home fun and social. Here are our best tips for studying from home when you’re an extrovert.

1. Get out of the house every day

Make sure you leave your cozy home office every day for some human interaction. This could be as simple as going to the supermarket or getting a coffee. Try to head somewhere there will be other people as this will help you feel energised.

2. Find a study buddy

There’s bound to be other extroverted students in your course. See if they want to buddy up and meet for weekly catch-ups to discuss the course content. If you’re not in the same city, you could chat over FaceTime or Skype.

3. Participate in the online forums

ITC Study From Home has excellent online forums. Use them to ask questions, interact with classmates, and chat with tutors. This will help you feel connected to your classmates and feel less alone when you’re studying from home

4. Consider getting part-time work

Could you study part-time and work part-time? Or work a few hours a week while studying full-time? A customer service job is a great way to boost your CV and will also help you fill your extrovert energy tank.

5. Schedule regular time with friends and family

Make socialising your reward for getting your study done each week. Lock in regular catch ups with friends and family, and use these as an incentive for studying. Make a deal with yourself that you don’t get to catch up with friends if you fall behind.

6. Change up your study environment

Put on upbeat music, go to a cafe or library to study or move your study notes to a new part of the house. Changing your study environment is a simple, easy way to get an energy boost. If you hate studying in silence, check out our favourite Spotify playlists for studying.

Studying from home might not be the perfect fit for your extroverted personality, but take heart that it’s not forever. The sooner you finish your studies, the sooner you will be qualified to apply for awesome, sociable jobs out in the tourism industry.

Study From Home is enrolling now for 2019. Get in touch to learn how we can help you get your airline, travel and tourism career off to a flying start.

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