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Tips for studying from home during the school holidays

Posted on 19/06/2019 by

The school holidays are just around the corner – below are some tips to help you prepare.

If you study from home with school-aged children, you’ll know the July school holidays are just around the corner.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for the interruptions to your study schedule the school holidays will likely bring.

1. Get ahead (if possible)

With just under three weeks until the school holidays begin, try to use this time to get ahead on your studies. Can you put in some extra hours (even on the weekends) so that you can enjoy the holidays with your kids? The extra work now will be worth it once that school bell rings and you can take a two-week study break.

2. Create an amended school holiday study schedule

Your study schedule is going to look a little different during the school holidays – make sure you update it so you go into each day with a clear direction, instead of assuming you’ll be able to get the same amount of work done as when your kids are at school. Having a clear, realistic plan will help you feel less overwhelmed.

3. Talk to your kids about your study

Spend some time explaining to your kids that you might need to study a bit during the school holidays. Talking about it in the lead-up will mean it comes as less of a shock when the holidays arrive. If they are old enough, ask what they’d like to do while you study. For example, would they like that to be movie time each day or would they like to colour in alongside you?

4. Call on your village

Now is the time to see if anyone is available to help out with childcare over the school holidays. Could your kids spend some time at their grandparents or with a family friend? Could you do play-date swaps with other parents from school, where you invite their kids over to play one day and they have your kids the next?

5. Adjust your expectations

As awesome as it is to have the kids at home for two weeks, the school holidays can be tiring. Try to adjust your expectations and acknowledge that things might not run perfectly to plan – and that’s okay. If you think they will dramatically impact your studies, please talk to your tutor for advice and to discuss options.

One of the best things about studying from home is you can balance parenthood with studying. We have courses starting at the end of July (after the school holiday chaos!) – please get in touch if you’d like more information.

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