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Tips for studying from home during coronavirus lockdown

Posted on 26/03/2020 by

How to stay motivated and find enjoyment in your study during this unprecedented time in history.

Whether you’ve been studying from home for a while, or you suddenly find yourself doing so due to the coronavirus, we are here to help you adjust to this strange and unprecedented situation.

For many, study will provide a welcome distraction during self-isolation – it’s an opportunity to work towards your goals, stay motivated towards the future, and get excited about life after coronavirus.

However, we understand that it may be difficult to find the motivation to do anything during self-isolation, let alone study! Never fear – we are here to help.

Here are some tips to help you stay focused, motivated, and optimistic during this challenging time. We’re all in this together.

1. Fill your tank first

If you can, do something nice for yourself first thing in your day. 

For example, take the time to savour your morning coffee and breakfast. Or, take a quick – socially distanced! – walk around your neighbourhood to get some fresh air and the endorphins pumping.

If you “fill your tank first”, you’re more likely to feel optimistic when you sit down to study. During self-isolation, doing things to protect your mental health and mindset should always be a top priority.

Think about what would make you feel better each day, and do those things first.

2. Follow a routine

With so much free time on your hands, it will be tempting to throw your normal routine right out the window.

No more school drop offs, commutes to work, or juggling multiple outings in one day.

While this might feel like a novelty at first, it might start to feel a little bit overwhelming if you have no structure during your day.

Try to adapt your routine to suit self-isolation. Set a daily schedule to break up your day, for example – dedicate the morning to exercise and connecting with friends (virtually of course), commit to studying throughout the middle of the day, and then end your day with household tasks or any other items on your to-do list.

Of course, this is just an example – everyone’s self-isolation routine will look different. Try out a few different routines to find what works for you.

3. Set clear boundaries with your housemates

Whether you’re self-isolating with flatmates or family members, let them know that you plan on continuing to study, and tell them what you’ll need from them to make that happen.

Hopefully, you will be able to work together to help respect each other’s goals.

If you have small children, see if you can split childcare with your partner so you both have some time to focus on individual goals or work.

4. Create a study support team

If you’re studying with ITC, you’ll have access to our tutors via email and phone. We’re here to support you with your studies just as we would if you were coming to class. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or would just like some support.

You can also connect virtually with your classmates. Maybe you can set up a Facebook group or WhatsApp group to check-in with each other each day. 

Remember there are plenty of other students in the same boat as you. Keeping in communication will help you feel less alone.

5. Celebrate every day

Every day you sit down to study – even if it’s only for an hour – is worth a small celebration.

You’re investing in your future during one of the most challenging times in recent history! That’s a huge thing to celebrate and be proud of, even if it feels like you’re moving slowly.

In times like this, every step forward counts. Don’t get caught up in worrying about how fast you’re going – keep putting one foot in front of the other and showing up for yourself as often as you can.

You’ve got this! And we’re here to help if you need it.

Kia kaha (stay strong).

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