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Tips for making studying fun

Posted on 10/04/2019 by

A good playlist can transform your study from dull to delightful – just make sure you don’t get too distracted!

For many people, studying from home is the dream. You can study at your own pace, in familiar surroundings, just a short stroll from the fridge – ideal! And forget the time-consuming commute to and from the classroom – you can be at your desk in moments.

That said, from time to time studying from home can feel a little dull. With only yourself for company, you might find it hard to have fun. While it’s good to take your studies seriously, it’s also nice to enjoy what you’re learning.

Here are some tips for adding more fun into your study from home routine.

1. Make the most of your online community

The first step to having fun while studying from home is to connect with your classmates and tutors. They might not be in the classroom with you, but you all share a virtual classroom! Make a point of checking in on the online forum or picking up the phone when you need help. You’ll be amazed at how friendships can blossom via distance learning. Three of our recent students – Savita, Cathy and Selina – formed an amazing bond while completing their Study From Home qualification.

2. Listen to music

The right study soundtrack can put you in a great mood – and make your home feel less quiet and lonely. That said, it’s important to choose one that won’t distract from your assignments (you don’t want to accidentally drop a Drake lyric into a paragraph about airport security!). Check out our blog Music to study by: Five Spotify playlists to try for some great ideas.

3. Make it a competition

Set yourself competitive targets throughout each day and week. For example, use a timer to keep you on track or make a commitment with one of your course-mates to complete the same amount of study each week. Make sure you reward yourself with little treats upon completion (otherwise it’s no fun!).

4. Go on work experience

See if any travel or tourism businesses in your area would be happy if you came in and did some work experience – even if just for a few hours. Work experience is a fantastic way to meet potential employers, gain skills for your CV and maybe even make some friends.

5. Be a tourist in your town

If you hit a study slump, remind yourself of why you’re studying travel and tourism by getting out and about and doing a tourist activity in your town or city. Go on a hike, visit a special monument or even hop on a tour bus. Immerse yourself in the beauty of tourism and you’ll find you can’t wait to get back to your studies and complete your qualification.

Would you like to learn more about studying from home with ITC? Get in touch today to learn how we can get your career off to a flying start.

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