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Three tips for remembering your study notes

Posted on 24/05/2017 by

Did you know that drawing colourful diagrams or flash cards could help you learn faster?

Do you find it hard to remember what you learn each day? Do you feel like you have to read the same paragraph ten times to make the information stick? And do you get really bored of reading?

There is a better way!

Instead of just reading pages and pages of notes, try these three tips to help you retain information. You’ll be surprised at how much quicker you learn.

1. Read your notes out loud

Find a quiet room and read your study notes out loud to yourself in a clear, slow voice. When you read out loud, you’re forced to slow down and really notice each word and its meaning. Do this when you’re trying to process a complicated idea or you’re finding it really hard to concentrate.

It’s also worthwhile to read your assignments out loud before you submit them for grading, as you’re more likely to pick up on typos and spelling mistakes.

2. Make flash cards

Whenever you’re trying to memorise information – for example, for a job interview or a presentation – put your notes on flash cards to prompt your memory. Keep these flash cards handy and review them whenever you have a spare moment, such as during the ad breaks on TV or waiting in a queue.

Keep a copy of your flash cards in your hand bag and on your bedside table so you remember to review them regularly.

3. Draw diagrams

Are you a visual learner? Do you respond better to pictures and diagrams than words on a page? If so, turn your study notes into colourful diagrams and drawings. Get out your felt tips and create pretty mind maps, symbols, illustrations, and whatever else helps you remember information.

Many people find drawing a fun and relaxing way to learn – it’s far less boring than sitting still and reading notes for hours on end.

Give these three tips a try to see if they help you learn faster. Remember, it’s all about studying smarter, not harder!

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