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Three tips for climbing the (travel & tourism) career ladder

Posted on 16/11/2016 by
ITC graduates share their advice for climbing the travel & tourism career ladder.

ITC graduates share their advice for climbing the travel & tourism career ladder.

Calling all travel and tourism students and professionals: do you dream of one day getting promoted to a supervisory or management position?

If you want to advance your travel and tourism career, but you’re not sure where to start, look no further – here are some tips from ITC graduates who are currently doing amazing things in the industry.

1. “Work while you study”

“Work while you study, no matter what job it is,” says Aish Rangarajan, Marketing Manager at Tourism Malaysia.

“Every experience gets you that much closer to your dream job.”

At ITC Study From Home, we offer a part-time study option for all our courses. Learn while you earn and advance your career at the same time as gaining a qualification.

Our Level 3 courses are a great option for people at the start of their career, and our Level 4 course is best suited to people with some travel & tourism experience who are looking to get promoted in the near future.

2. “Make a name for yourself”

Nick Steele, the Executive Concierge at Barclay Suites Hotel, believes success is one-part hard work and one-part ‘who you know’. His advice is to work hard and make an excellent impression on everyone you meet.

“Never forget how small the tourism industry really is. If you make a positive (or negative) impact in your job, this will be spread around the industry,” he says.

“Many of the managers are good friends – and tourism providers are very friendly with each other. Make a great name for yourself and this will stead you in good hands for the rest of your career.”

3. “Never lose your sense of wonder”

If you’re curious, enthusiastic, and open to new learning opportunities, you can’t go too far wrong – at least according to Anita van der Mespel, a Retail Travel Consultant at House of Travel.

“Learn everything you possibly can from every opportunity (both in the interviewing stage and once you get a job that may be your ticket to more experience),” says Anita.

“You’ll get there. Never lose your sense of wonder.”

To summarise: invest in your education, work hard, make a name for yourself, and stay curious. With these tips on your side, you stand a great chance of finding your dream job.

Want to learn more about studying travel & tourism via distance learning? Call 0800 868 747 or send us a message. We’d love to hear from you.

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