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It’s time to get involved in travel & tourism!

Posted on 23/02/2022 by

Travel and tourism is recovering here and around the world.

We’ve been saying it for a while now, and the time is finally here – tourism and travel are making a big comeback as New Zealand begins reopening the border and the world returns to some normality.

We’re keeping a close eye on what’s happening here and around the world and seeing countless businesses searching for skilled employees. We even have more job openings coming through than we have graduates right now, making it the perfect time for passionate people to get qualified and make a start in the tourism industry.

Here are just some of the news stories we’ve seen about the comeback recently.

Air NZ goes on cabin crew recruitment drive to gear up for border reopening

We’ve seen several of our graduates sign employment contracts with Air New Zealand recently as the airline has been massively ramping up its recruitment as the country prepares to open its borders for the first time since early 2020.

Almost 200 cabin crew that were on temporary agreements have just switched to permanent contracts with the company, and it continues to seek out more cabin crew staff for some of its regional routes.

That’s great news for anyone looking to get into a career as a flight attendant or airline worker.

Employers lure talent with flexible hours in tourism job boom

 The Australian tourism market was impacted much like New Zealand’s and is now seeing a similar boom as the borders have reopened, the bubble is about to get off the ground again with New Zealand, and people start to travel again.

That’s why employers are seeking new staff – and trying all sorts of things to find skilled workers.

Hotel and hospitality group Accor has estimated that it needs to add 15% more personnel to its workforce based on early bookings for 2022, meaning that it will be looking to hire approximately 1,200 new staff. They’re offering on-the-job training, career development, and more flexibility to help fill those roles.

With so many businesses looking for new staff, we won’t be surprised to see more of them offering similar additional perks for employees.

Get ready for a major travel and tourism recovery this year, new study says

New modelling from the World Travel & Tourism Council has projected that travel and tourism in the United States will outpace pre-pandemic levels this year.

If the estimates prove to be correct, the industry is expected to generate 6% more income than it did in 2019, signalling a huge return to normalcy – and growth – in the international tourism market.

The report also added that globally, travel and tourism is expected to contribute $8.6 trillion of economic activity this year. That’s still a little down from 2019, but getting much closer to growth overall as the whole world gets back on track.

Time to get studying

Whether you look at the travel, tourism, and aviation market here in New Zealand, over in Australia, or around the world, the industry is once again starting to boom.

As it continues to grow, businesses are going to need skilled staff to fill roles all over Aotearoa and the world.

Does that sound like you?

Study From Home is flexible

Study From Home lets you earn valuable qualifications from the comfort of your own home, and is flexible enough for you to study even while you hold down a job as well.

Get in touch if you have any questions at all about our distance learning courses or what kind of jobs they could get you.  Need to know more before you decide? Don’t forget to check out our ‘Whanau Portal’ for more up to date tourism news.

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