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5 tricks to boost your memory

Posted on 01/06/2016 by

A great memory helps you be a great student – here are five ways you can improve yours.

No matter what you’re studying or how much you need to learn, a good memory can help you achieve better results and gain confidence in your abilities. The good news is, there are ways you can train your brain to retain more information than usual. Try these five tricks to boost your memory to make studying that much easier.

1. Practice

Even when you’re not studying, practice training your brain to remember things. For example, try to learn your friends’ cellphone numbers, or remember the number plate of a passing car. Simply by forcing your brain to remember things, you can make small improvements. Think of it like exercising a muscle!

2. Eat well

Nutrition plays an important role in your ability to remember things. If you’re too hungry to concentrate on what you’re learning, or you consume too much sugar and then crash, you will probably find it hard to retain information.

Try to enjoy a healthy, balanced diet that doesn’t include too much sugar or processed foods. Specific foods, such as oily fish, pumpkin seeds and other sources of omega-3 fats, have been found to be good for brain function.

3. Play games

Who knew playing games could be good for your studies? Games give your brain a good workout, which can help to strengthen your memory.

Visit the app store on your phone or head online to find a new game. You’ll want something that you haven’t played before, that’s challenging and rewarding.

4. Exercise

It’s good for boosting your mood, for fitness, and of course, it can help your memory, too. Look for any workout that gets your blood pumping (it’s good for the brain in the same way that it’s good for the heart). Sports that include hand-eye coordination (such as tennis or netball) are extra helpful.

5. Get enough sleep

A good night’s sleep is extremely important for everything from your energy levels to your mood, and it can also play a role in your ability to learn new things and remember them. Adults need anywhere from seven to nine hours of sleep to function properly, so spend a week recording how many hours you’re clocking, and aim to improve it if you’re falling behind.

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