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ITC celebrates the successes of our inspiring 2023 graduates

Posted on 22/11/2023 by

We love tourism, and we’re so proud to congratulate our many graduates who have already found amazing roles in the industry this year!

“ITC’s long history of consistently working so collaboratively with the airline, travel and tourism industry in New Zealand has led us to being the first point of contact for businesses looking to recruit the future tourism workforce,” says Ceri Jenkins, Key Stakeholder Manager for ITC.

“The combination of these extensive partnerships, quality of teaching and the dedication and hard work of our Employment Consultants, enables us to provide the best service to our students to truly stand by our promises when we first meet our prospective students whilst they are still in school, or in their initial meeting with our course advisor to see which study option is best for them,” he continued.

All this training and dedication leads us to the end of each year where we look back and celebrate our many inspiring students who have gained incredible roles in the travel and tourism industry all over Aotearoa and beyond.

Job outcomes for ITC graduates in 2023 

These are just a selection of some of the many job outcomes for our students this year:

·      Activities Attendant for Big Cedar Lodge, USA
·      Airport Branch Manager for Avis Auckland Airport
·      Cabin crew for Jetstar
·      Cabin crew for Qantas/Jetconnect (multiple graduates)
·      Club Lounge Host for Cordis Hotel
·      Cruise Turnarounds for Akorn Destinations (multiple graduates)
·      Customer service agent for Air New Zealand (multiple graduates)
·      Disneyworld Internships (multiple graduates)
·      Duty Manager for Food & Beverage for Sudima Hotel
·      Flight attendant for Air Chathams
·      Flight attendant for Air New Zealand (multiple graduates)
·      Golf Club Attendant for Big Cedar Lodge, USA
·      Guest Experience Host for Auckland Airport
·      Guest services agent for Cordis Hotel
·      Guest services for Rainbows End
·      Guide and Customer Experience Host for the All Blacks Experience
·      Guide for Weta Workshop and AJ Hackett
·      Marketing advisor for Air New Zealand
·      On Board Services for SeaLink
·      Passenger Ambassador for Menzies (multiple graduates)
·      Sales & service for AJ Hackett
·      Travel Consultant for Big Cedar Lodge, USA (multiple graduates)
·      Travel consultant for Flight Centre
·      Visitor Centre Consultant for I-Site Sky City
·      Wholesale consultant for GO Holidays (multiple graduates)


These roles are as diverse as they are impressive, and represent some of the biggest industry names in travel and tourism in New Zealand.

ITC’s dedicated Employment Consultants

One of the many ways in which ITC stands apart from other education providers and tertiary institutions is our two dedicated Employment Consultants. Sarndra Stephens and Kirsten Leith work tirelessly to connect students and graduates with work opportunities, and to help them navigate the hiring process.

“It is truly amazing the turn around and speed of our graduates securing jobs well and truly before they finish. It shows that the students who have invested in education are sought after by employers in our industry. A lot of these jobs are gained through their work experience,” explained Kirsten.

“What a fabulous year it has been. It has been so exciting working with the students and opening their horizons to all the opportunities out there for them. I think I get as excited as they do when they have been accepted for an industry job and I love seeing the Facebook posts of the students heading to the USA to take up Disneyworld and other internships and see all their amazing photos. Our students are in the skies, at the airport, on land and sea and I am immensely proud of them all,” added Sarndra.

Study From Home

“We provide high value relevant training and if they apply themselves to their studies and work with us through the pathway to employment programme, students will gain employment in our truly amazing industry and go on to forge rewarding and exciting careers,” stated Ceri Jenkins.

With another year successfully behind us, we congratulate our many successful students and graduates on their new roles and adventures. We also look forward to meeting our next intake of students later this month on November 27, and eagerly await to see their journeys in travel and tourism unfold before us.

If you dream of a career in one of the most exciting industries in New Zealand, studying with ITC can be the perfect first step towards your goals. Explore our course options and contact us to learn more about enrolling today.

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Meet Apii Tavioni: The graduate who landed a great role with Go Holidays

Posted on 04/10/2023 by

Apii in her role at Helloworld.

Like many of our students, Apii Tavioni first learned about ITC through our high school short courses. That led to an interest in travel and tourism, and now she’s working in an incredible job with Go Holidays!

We recently asked her a few questions about her journey, and Employment Consultant Sarndra Stephens also offered her excitement for Apii. (more…)

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Air New Zealand snapping up ITC graduates

Posted on 12/10/2022 by

Ruby Cowie is one of several Study From Home graduates that Air New Zealand has hired recently.

As the New Zealand travel and tourism industry gears up for a very busy summer season ahead, we’re seeing our ITC graduates get snapped up by employers practically as they walk out the door from their graduation ceremony. Many before they graduate.

One of those employers is Air New Zealand, which is quickly hiring and training staff across their operations all over the country. We are fortunate to be recognised as a preferred provider for many airlines and tourism organisations. Our highly skilled graduates are sought after by the industry.

For us, these job offers are hugely exciting, as many of our graduates begin studying with us with the goal of working for this renowned and award-winning airline. To see students land their dream jobs immediately is everything we could hope for as an education provider.

One of these graduates is Ruby Cowie, a Study From Home graduate who has been dreaming of working with Air New Zealand since she was 10 years old. We reached out to Ruby to have a quick chat about the application process and her advice for other students.

How do you feel your qualifications with ITC prepared you for this new role at Air NZ?

I feel that my qualifications with ITC prepared me for my new role with Air NZ by allowing me to have a lot more knowledge of an airport and cabin crew. It helped me feel much more confident when I applied for the role because I had a lot of more information and confidence behind me.

 When you first applied, what did you have to do?

When I first applied for the role I had to send through my CV and a cover letter and answer around 20/30 questions online about myself and about the role. From then I had to wait a few weeks to hear back if I got accepted to the next stage or not.

It must have felt amazing to have that positive reply after your initial application. What was the next step once you applied?

It was an amazing feeling to get told I passed through to the next stage, as it has been my dream career since I was 10 and I didn’t expect to get a job at only 21 years old.

The next steps was: I had to do a digital online interview (due to covid) with a cabin crew/ Air NZ manager. It was about a 30-40 minute interview where I got asked some behavioural and psychological questions, and also some questions about myself and what I want from the job for them to get to know me and how I think.

After my Interview I got told it would take up to 7 days to hear back if I’d been accepted to the next stage, however I was lucky enough I got a call back within 20 mins to say I had been accepted to the next stage. This stage was called the “vetting stage”, which was all the nitty gritty things. Firstly I had to complete an online cognitive and maths test, so basically brain testers and English etc to see how my brain works. From then I did a medical test, a swim test, a hearing and physical, an eye test, a criminal test check, a reference check, and a few other bits and bobs.

From there if you are successful you get offered a job and put into the next available or suitable intake for you. I am starting my job after my wedding in Nov 2022, so around mid-October they will fly me up to Auckland to get a uniform fitting and grooming information. From there you will get a starting date where you will do 4 weeks intensive ground training and then you have final exams.

Once you complete and pass your final exams you will be a qualified Air New Zealand flight attendant. Then you will be ready to fly on the planes!

 Would you have any words of wisdom or tips for others at the application stage?

My tips would be to be yourself, don’t try to be who you think Air NZ wants. Be you.

How did they tell you that you got the job?

I got a phone call and a confirmation email.

 What are you looking forward to the most with your training?

I am most looking forward to meeting lots of new friends and sliding down the emergency slide off the plane.

I certainly couldn’t of done it with the help of ITC. They made me build some extreme confidence and made me feel extremely proud of who I am and what I want to do. I highly recommend ITC, I did Study From Home so it was extremely flexible for me as I worked full time so I could still earn money and study at the same time.

Want to be the next Air New Zealand hire?

ITC and Study From Home are trusted providers for travel and tourism qualifications in New Zealand, which is why many employers love receiving applications from our graduates. If you have a dream to work in the industry, our qualifications can help you take that first important step with a valuable certification.

Don’t hesitate to explore our course options or get in touch to find out more.

Study From Home – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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Catching up with Shania Wheatley: A Covid whirlwind with a happy ending

Posted on 25/05/2022 by

Graduate Shania has had a whirlwind few years, all with a fantastic happy ending!

ITC graduate Shania Wheatley has had an incredible journey.

We first interviewed her in 2017 when she landed a job on a cruise ship and lined another up to work at Disney. But so much changed just a couple of years later that we interviewed her again, and found her back in NZ working in an isolation facility.

Now in the wake of Covid, Shania has made another big move – and a big lifestyle change! Her journey is truly a whirlwind, but it has a happy ending.

Here it is in her own words.

On her time working at a Covid quarantine hotel

I was so excited about Chateau even though it was a quarantine hotel!! What a memory!

It was rough working there with all the rules then Omicron entering NZ and developing etc. I am yet to get Covid – a forever ending game of tag!

I left Chateau due to the pressure and isolation I felt from being face to face with Covid every day. At the start I felt super safe, but as variants became apparent and rules changed, my family and friends didn’t want to see me due to the risk. So I started to feel that pressure to make sure I didn’t bring it into the community.

On finding a new job

I then saw a travel agency was hiring for a casual call centre contract, booking vaccinations, answering questions for the general public and doing health assessments on those who call with Covid, and putting them through to clinicians for medical advice.

I saw that role advertised on Seek and I wasn’t going to apply, but did screenshot it on my phone so I had a copy of the advert and contact details. A week later the advert had disappeared from Seek but I thought I’d shoot my shot and send an email anyway. I did and I was offered a full-time hours casual contract that basically had no end date due to Covid not having an end date.

At the same time as applying for that role, the same travel agency was also hiring for a Domestic travel consultant – they wanted someone experienced but I applied anyway with no luck (this was in July 2021).

During my time with Healthline/ the Covid vaccination line, I was offered a promotion to supervisor. I made it known that I wanted to impress my managers as they were high up in the travel industry, and sometimes it’s who you know not what you know. So the more connections I was able to build the more chance I had at coming out the other side with a possible agency role.

Anyway, I got a promotion and became a supervisor in-charge of a group of six, where I did quality reviews of their calls, provided training and feedback and also was there to support them with some tricky calls.

On an unexpected surprise

Then out of the blue the travel agency manager – the one who I had emailed in July 2021 for a domestic travel consultant role – offered me an informal interview for potential opportunities she had coming up in the company. She had either remembered my name or seen my work though Healthline as she managed that too.

So I met with her and the direct manager for the groups and events department, as they had a position available for a Groups and Events Consultant. The next day I received an email saying I had got the job!

It was perfect timing as our contract with Healthline and the Ministry of Health was ending April 30th, and the start date for this new role was May 2nd.

On what she learned from the whole experience

Some things I learned from this experience have been:

  1. Of course depends on the situation, but always make it known known if you want to gain the attention of a certain company/person in the industry. You never know what connection your manager, tutors or friends have.
  2. It can be who you know, not what you know.
  3. Work hard, you never know who’s watching.
  4. Everything happens for a reason!!

On finding the silver lining to the Covid cloud

I know Covid has badly effected so many people. However Covid is probably the best thing that could have happened to me.

I was diagnosed with a heart condition I was born with, which had been effecting my everyday life. I was able to have the surgery to fix it without it effecting any work. I moved to Christchurch, lost 50kg, and had the opportunity to rebrand myself – I had connections in Auckland but building those here in the South Island has changed the game to get to where I am now.

For recent tourism graduates – YOUR TIME IS NOW! before Covid, companies wanted people with experience, but now they know that if they are going to get people it’s going to be beginners, and they will train them from the ground up so it’s the most amazing time to be in tourism!

I’ve always said tourism was the first to be effected but will also be the first to recover!

On getting a leg up in tourism with qualifications

As Shania points out, your connections in the travel and tourism industry can make a huge difference to your job prospects!

That’s why ITC takes pride in continuously building and using our industry contacts and partnerships to give an abundance of opportunities to our graduates. It’s hard to beat having industry recognised qualifications that can get you a foot in the door with countless industry employers around New Zealand and the world.

 Get in touch with our friendly team to learn more about our courses and where they can take you.

 Study From Home – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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Study From Home student achieves Disney dream

Posted on 04/05/2016 by
Donna Cowie

Study From Home graduate Donna Cowie is absolutely thrilled to have landed her dream job, working on a Disney cruise ship.

When Donna Cowie enrolled with ITC Study From Home, she had one dream in mind: to work as a youth activities counsellor on a Disney cruise ship. After completing her studies, this bright student from New Plymouth has achieved her dream – she recently joined a Disney cruise ship based out of Florida.

“Studying with ITC turned out to be one of the greatest decisions I have made as it led me to my dream job,” says Donna.

“I’m so blessed to get this job and believe it’s going to be a great start to my travel and tourism career.”

Donna will be at sea for approximately four months, before taking a six-week vacation. Then she has the opportunity to repeat another four-month contract. If everything goes well, she can repeat this cycle (four months on, six weeks off) for as long as she likes.

The ship spends the majority of its time cruising from Florida, but in mid-May it will be heading to Europe for the summer season – a trip Donna can’t wait to experience.

“I am extremely excited at the opportunity to travel the world, explore many different countries, gain cruise industry knowledge and make friends from different areas of the globe – all while working,” she says.

Donna completed the New Zealand Certificate in Tourism Level 3 and the New Zealand Certificate in Travel Level 4. She said the information she learned on both courses has proven invaluable so far.

“In the few weeks I have been on the ship I’ve already noticed many different aspects I learnt from my courses, and how they play a role in ship life. For example, building client relationships, cultural and language differences, the importance of product knowledge and much more,” says Donna.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to learn more as I go, with the hope of working myself towards a managerial position.”

Donna has a few final words of advice for anyone else looking to pursue their own dream job.

“I want to encourage everyone out there to work hard, take your study day-by-day, have a plan but at the same time be open-minded to what could happen. The whole world is out there and your opportunities are endless, so go after them and best wishes.”

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ITC Graduate Fulfils a Dream

Posted on 24/07/2014 by
Crystal (far right) now working for an airline, thanks to ITC and the training she had via her Distance Learning course.

Crystal (far right) now working for an airline, thanks to ITC and the training she had via her Distance Learning course.

Crystal Coates completed ITC’s National Certificate in Tourism Core Skills (level 3) in 2013. Immediately afterwards, she enrolled in our level 3 Aviation course. Crystal decided to study through ITC’s Distance Learning, as she was employed full time as a retail store manager. She proved to be an outstanding student.

In March 2014, Crystal had the opportunity to join the training programme with Jetstar.

“Ground school was quite intense, so much to take in in such a short time. Exams… oh my goodness! But I passed them all and the practicals as well” says Crystal.

Being offered a job as a flight attendant with Jetstar was a dream come true.

“I’m loving it! The crew have all been welcoming and helpful. The hours at first were a little tough, but I’m getting used to them now; waking up at 3-4am is the norm. I’ve set an early preference so I can be home with my family in the afternoon and evening. It has definitely been very different to anything I’ve done but that has been great.”

Auckland-based crew at Jetstar fly domestically and trans-Tasman, which means Crystal has flown to Christchurch, Wellington, Queenstown, Dunedin, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

“I hope to be sent to Christchurch one day to work a Fiji flight,” she says.

Jetstar’s crew is made up people of all ages. “Many different cultures as well which is nice,” says Crystal.

Crystal is thrilled she started on this new career path with ITC and says she only wished she had given it a go earlier.

“I’m so glad I’ve finally fulfilled a dream to become a flight attendant. Thank you for the support and encouragement while I was studying with ITC!”

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