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Recommend a friend – and earn a $500 Pressie Card!

Posted on 31/01/2024 by

Recommend a friend and get a $500 Pressie Card!

Are you a current or past student of ITC? Do you know someone who would love to work in the travel and tourism industry? Or perhaps someone who wants a career change but isn’t sure where to start?

Not only could you be the person who helps them take that huge exciting step in their life, but you could also earn a $500 Pressie Card for your recommendation!

Our Recommend a Friend program usually offers ITC students and graduates a $300 Pressie Card for getting a friend to enrol with ITC or Study From Home. However, from now until June 2024, we’re upping that offer to a massive $500!

How to Recommend a Friend to ITC or Study From Home

Not sure how to go about recommending us to a friend? Here are a few suggestions!

Do you follow us on Facebook? We regularly share updates about our students, what we’re up to in the classroom, the fun tours we take, and so much more. Keep an eye out for anything you think your friend might like, then send it their way!

You can also let them know that ITC is a Fees Free provider. That means that your friend might be eligible to have their study fees covered – so they can earn a valuable qualification without taking on a student loan!

Another tip is to bring them in for an information session. We occasionally run fee Open Days, but you can also book a free info session for almost any time that suits you. This will give them a chance to see the campus, meet some of the team, and see how it all works in person.

Has your friend always wanted to travel, or work overseas? Plenty of our students enrol because ITC and Study From Home offer a great pathway for getting into the Disney Cultural Exchange Program.

Or how about letting them know about all the awesome things our graduates get up to after their studies? We regularly interview past students and share their success stories, which is a great way to see what kind of career options might be out there.

And of course, you can always share your own favourite memories and stories from your time studying with ITC or Study From Home. There’s nothing quite like word of mouth, especially when a recommendation comes from someone they know and trust!

What if you’re not an ITC or Study From Home student?

Even if you’re not an ITC or Study From Home student or past student, you can still benefit from this incredible offer.

If you recommend us to someone and they end up studying with us, we’ll say thanks with a $100 Pressie Card for you. Better yet, this is not limited, so if you recommend three people and they all enrol, then you’ll receive $300 worth of Pressie Cards!

Note that these incentives are for a limited time only and conditions apply.

Contact us today to learn more about our Recommend a Friend program, or with any questions you may have!

Study From Home – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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Study From Home survey shows what students really think of us!

Posted on 02/08/2023 by

Our latest survey shows just how much students love Study From Home!

As an online study platform, it’s incredibly important for us to touch base with students and graduate to get feedback on our courses, tutors, support system, online learning platform, and everything in between.

Since we’re not interacting in a classroom every day, we therefore take regular surveys to garner feedback and see what students think of us.

Here are some of the questions we asked, and some of the responses we got!

Why did you choose Study From Home?

Because I like to do it in my own time and I can learner faster alone.”

“Because I still wanted to work full time and there also wasn’t a base in Christchurch.”

“I’ve read good things about the courses and from other people and it sounded like the best fit for me.”

“With two kids it worked well for me to manage stuff around and the support from study from home tutors had worked really good for me.”

What do you like about remote learning?

“It’s easier for me to study an learn alone cause I’m easily distracted when with other people. I can do things in my own time.”

“I liked it because it’s very flexible. For me it worked well because it still allowed me to work full time and then study in spare time that suited me.”

“Being able to work in my own time.”

“Because I work full time it allows me to do it after work and in my spare time.”

“Being able to study and take care of my son.”

“I’m able to study at my time and pace.”

Do you have any comments about Study From Home overall?

“The ITC team are amazing and very helpful.”

“I love study at home as a result I encourage all my friends to enrol now.”

“I’ve always had a good experience. This is my second year studying and everyone is always happy to help and is always quick with replying when you’re struggling with anything.”

“The amount that my tutors cared about my learning and how much they reminded me to communicate with them whenever I needed to helped me gain the motivation to try push through.”

Enrol today to study online at your own pace

At Study From Home, we work hard to provide top-quality qualifications and exceptional support for our students – all while they can study at home and at their own pace.

When you enrol, you become part of the family. So whether you’re a parent studying while raising kids, a full-time worker studying during nights and weekends, or someone who lives too far from campus to make the commute, you’ll have our full support throughout your qualifications and beyond.

Do a free trial online today to see what it would be like to work your way through the courses, or get in touch to find out more about what we offer and where our qualifications might take you.

Study From Home – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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Complete Study From Home courses to upskill and progress at work

Posted on 02/11/2022 by

Hoping to progress at work? Study From Home could help!

ITC and Study From Home are proud to offer great options for young Kiwis looking to study after high school. However, we’re also a fantastic option for any Kiwis looking to upskill and further their careers, even if it’s been a long time since they were at high school.

Since Study From Home offers online learning for anyone in New Zealand, it’s a viable option for those already working in travel and tourism who are looking to take the next step.

Here’s how!

Study From Home to progress at work

Study From Home offers several online learning options, all of which you can complete from the comfort of your own home.

These qualifications span from level 3 to level 5:

Depending on where you are in your career right now, you could either begin at the earlier levels for foundation courses in travel and tourism, or start on a higher level. Our team would be more than happy to help you determine which course would be best for your current skills, knowledge, and career goals.

As well as being able to study wherever suits you, these courses can also be taken part time. You’ll be able to continue working at your current job, while studying on the side to further your career.

That means you can learn gain new skills, knowledge, and qualifications, all without having to quit your job, go back to school, or commute to a campus.

What you learn with Study From Home could either help you progress into a more senior level at your current job, or move into a better job elsewhere.

Hear from the graduates who have progressed in their careers 

When you complete courses with Study From Home, you’ll do it with the support of your online tutors every step of the way. Even once you graduate, the ITC and Study From Home family will still be there to support you and help you find new jobs when it’s time to make a change.

That’s why we often stay in touch with our graduates and hear about their fantastic successes for years after they finish their courses. We’ve recently been catching up with a couple of graduates who have progressed into leadership roles in their careers.

One student, Olita, hasn’t just moved into a leadership role – she is now in charge of hiring decisions and hired a new Study From Home graduate!

“ITC gave me the skills and knowledge that I needed to pursue my career in the travel industry working for Inbound,” she said.

“I have the lovely Melissa starting with us tomorrow and can’t wait to welcome her into the team. She ticked all the boxes that we require for the role as a FIT reservation consultant, and I am happy to share the knowledge of Inbound with her,” she added.

Another student, Brooke, studied with us eight years ago, and has recently progressed into the Swissport Management Office at the Jetstar Domestic Terminal.

“ITC gave me the best opportunity to be prepared for the travel and tourism industry, without them I would not have landed my dream job or be where I am today. The real life work experience and expectations of what the industry would expect made my transition from study to full time employment so seamless,” she said.

These are just a couple of examples of students who have gone on into top positions in their careers. Could you be the next?

Get in touch with our friendly team at Study From Home to chat about which course would be best for your level and goals, and how you could go about balancing study with your current role. You can enrol and get started at any time, and there’s no time like the present!

Study From Home – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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Catching up with Marise Barrett, the first ever Study From Home student to do the Level 5 diploma

Posted on 06/10/2021 by

Marise will soon be the first Study From Home student to complete the level 5 diploma.

Marise Barrett is a well-known name at Study From Home. She has diligently worked her way through levels three and four, and is currently on track to become the first ever student to complete the level five New Zealand Diploma in Tourism and Travel.

We spoke to Marise in 2020, and thought it was high time we caught up to see how she is doing now that she’s almost finished the Diploma. As it turns out, she has been working extremely hard, enjoying a job at NZ travel agency helloworld, and looking forward to finally being able to travel again!

Read on to learn more.

Can you catch us up on the past year?

In July 2020 I signed up to do the Diploma in Travel after speaking with my boss, and asking whether I could do this while I was working when there was not a lot of work on. This was agreed, we were on limited hours so I was completing my diploma at work being able to spend 24 hours while in the office working on it.

In September 2020, the Helloworld CBD store where I was working closed its doors due to Covid. This really took a toll on me and I didn’t actually realise how much. This meant I had to look for a new job, I was out of work for five weeks in total, as I had found a job at a school doing Admin. But this also meant that I wouldn’t be able to do as much work on my diploma during the week. I was a bit worried about this as I was doing the diploma as full-time study.

In May of 2021, I was speaking to Bev at helloworld Strandon about my trip to Raro and she asked whether I wanted to get back into travel. Of course the answer was yes! So we worked something out and I was doing part time hours after I had finished at the school. I have now left the school and I am working on a part-time basis at helloworld, and I couldn’t be happier, this is truly the career I am meant to be doing.

Due to being only part time, I am also doing 10 hours in an admin role to help keep the bank balance happy. This means I do spent most of my nights working on my diploma and is why, even though I have enjoyed doing the diploma, I will be grateful for a break when it’s over.

What would you say is the biggest difference for you between levels 3 and 4, and level 5?

Huge difference between level 3 and 4 and then level 5. Level 5 is a lot more research and not so travel orientated, but management orientated. It is a lot more challenging.

The Study From Home team are happy to hear this feedback from Marise, because this option is to prepare students for the reality of a management role.

What are you most excited for once you finish the diploma?

Being able to read the books I brought a year ago haha. And doing some cross stitch. Since May I have been working two jobs, so it will be nice to give my brain a bit of break from it all. Also looking forward to doing some webinars to help with working at helloworld.

How has the Study From Home team supported you through the diploma?

The Study from home Team have been amazing! The tutors are always available. Cannot fault them and they are always there and have communication lines open. I have had to have an extension and this has been more than accommodating.

 Are you planning to travel once restrictions are lifted? If so, where to?

YES! We have a trip planned to Rarotonga in June 2022 – this has been rebooked from 2020 which we had rebooked for this year. There will be other places on the list but I will just be thankful if we can get to Raro.

Marise has been the first student to work her way through the level 5 diploma with Study From Home, but she certainly won’t be the last. Will you be next? Get in touch with the team to find out more about this incredible diploma you can earn through distance learning.

Study From Home – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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Study From Home opens free trial portal – Try it now!

Posted on 10/03/2021 by

The Study From Home free trial portal is open! Try it now and find out if Study From Home is for you.

Study From Home offers students the chance to earn internationally recognised qualifications in the travel, tourism, and aviation industries, all while studying online.

For those who are considering enrolling this year, you can now see what Study From Home is all about by doing a quick trial run, completely free!

This will allow you to try Study From Home to see if the learning style will suit your needs, and to show you how you can gain your qualifications through distance learning.

Here’s a little more about the new portal, how to use it, and why you should give it a try!

Getting started with the Study From Home free trial

Anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or computer can do the Study From Home trial. You can do it via the portal here, or the Moodle app.

  • Click the ‘Start FREE Trial’ button below
  • Let us know your first and last name
  • We will create a log-in for you within 24 hours
  • You start your FREE trial
  • Your log-in details will be valid for 7 days

All you need to do is let us know your first and last name, plus your email address, so we can create a short-term log-in details for you. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours with those details so you can get started.

Your log-in details will be valid for 7 days, so you’ll have a week to jump online and check it out.

We recommend using a computer or laptop for the trial, as Study From Home students will use one or the other for their actual courses. Assessments include typing, which is much easier when you have a keyboard! That said, you can easily view the course via mobile if you’re just looking to take a peek.

The whole thing won’t take more than an hour or so, and you can always log back in (within the seven days) to take another look, or even show family and friends.

How does it work?

Once you have your log-in details, you can head to the portal and access ‘Your first step course’. You’ll see this on the Dashboard under the Course Overview section.

Click on the course, and take a look around.

You can start at the top with the section titled ‘Dream Holiday Destination’. This is a chance to see how we communicate with the group during the course. You can create your own discussion topic or respond to other topics. We use this to discuss ideas, ask questions, and more.

You might also check out the section titled ‘The Tourism Industry Needs You!’. This is a quick video followed by a quiz, which will give you an idea of how we run short quizzes for Study From Home learners.

Make your way through each of the sections to see just how it all works at Study From Home. In the final section (Your Next Step…), you can get in touch or book a phone chat to talk more about what we offer – or even get started with your enrolment!

Why should you give the Study From Home free trial a go?

If you have any interest in working in travel or tourism, you have every reason to do the free trial!

“On day one of us putting this trial on our website, students have already said they are interested in giving the free trial a go as they are keen to potentially get back into study and get some new qualifications. We think this free trial is the perfect way for our potential students to do just that,” says Marketing Manager Mel.

Whether you have never studied before or are looking to upskill with a level 4 certificate or a level 5 diploma, Study From Home could be the right option for you. You can complete our courses part-time while you maintain a full-time job, or you can study full time and earn your qualifications as quickly as possible.

Not to mention, the trial is free to do, quick, and easy! More than anything, it shows how studying online with Study From Home is so much more than just reading endless textbooks or writing essays. Our courses are engaging and interactive, with a variety of activities and resources, as well as friendly, helpful tutors who can guide you through your qualifications.

Ready to get started? Drop us a line with your full name and email address and we’ll get back to you with log-in details ASAP!

Study From Home – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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