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Apply now for your chance to win an ITC Scholarship!

Posted on 17/07/2023 by

Apply for a 2023 Scholarship

ITC and Study From Home have just opened up applications for some amazing scholarship opportunities!

As the New Zealand tourism industry has got back into the swing of things, businesses are seeking new and qualified staff such as graduates from ITC and Study From Home.

“New Zealand continues to be one of the world’s top tourism destinations, and with the borders open, international visitors are returning. We need to support our sector to rebuild a more resilient future that leaves people, communities and the environment better off than before,” Peeni Henare said.

We are doing our bit to support our industry, ITC is helping people with a passion for joining the Travel & Tourism industry gain first-class skills and knowledge. We want to help even more by giving away multiple scholarships for full-time students, which are worth up to $5,600 per student. Not only that, it’s also on top of the Fees Free program, so you could have the first part of your study covered by Fees Free, and the second part partially paid for by a scholarship!

Here’s a little more about what an ITC Scholarship entails, who is eligible and how to apply.

What does the ITC Scholarship entail?

The ITC Scholarship will pay for up to $5,600 of your course fees if you win. It all depends on the courses you apply for, as the scholarship is for the value of 50% of one full course when you enrol in two or more courses at ITC.

The Scholarship is applicable for full-time study only, but it can be with either ITC or Study From Home. And importantly, it is awarded upon successful completion of the final course.

For ITC, the Scholarship is a way to support young learners into the industry we care about so much. Travel and tourism has rarely been in such dire need of new talent, and we know that right now, our graduates are walking straight into positions in the industry thanks to the qualifications they earn with us.

Who is eligible to apply?

We are looking for people passionate about joining the Travel, Tourism & Aviation industries who would love the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge to become future leaders.

If you enrol for full-time study with ITC or Study From Home right now, and are either a New Zealand citizen or have been a Permanent Resident for at least three years, you are probably eligible to apply for the Scholarship.

For further eligibility criteria, read our full terms and conditions.

However, if you were already enrolled prior to June 30 this year, you are unfortunately not eligible to apply at this time.

Please carefully read through our full terms and conditions to learn more about application eligibility, and other terms that come with being awarded this scholarship.

How do I apply for the ITC Scholarship?

To apply, simply fill out the ITC Scholarship application form here.

Be sure to fill out this form before August 26 2023, and if you are successful in getting to the second stage, we’ll let you know no later than Monday August 28. The second stage involves an information session and a chat with the team to discuss your study options.

If you have any questions at all about the scholarship or ITC courses, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Campus Study – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or 


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7 travel and tourism industry insiders show their support for ITC scholarships

Posted on 06/07/2022 by

ITC has close connections with ZipTrek Ecotours – one of many industry brands that support our ITC Scholarships.

ITC and Study From Home scholarships offer learners the chance to have some or all of their certification fees covered by us.

There are multiple scholarships up for grabs, and all of them will help students to gain valuable qualifications that will help to get them fantastic roles in the travel and tourism industry.

And right now, the travel and tourism industry is absolutely desperate for qualified staff. We can see it in the number of open positions available, and simply by talking to our many industry contacts.

In fact, we recently asked some of our contacts about their opinions on our scholarships and what they mean for the industry. Here’s what some of them had to say.

Eve Lawrence, General Manager of Haka Tours & ANZ Nature Tours
“A campaign of this nature is greatly needed across tourism as our recruitment pool is becoming very shallow!!”

Sam Peate, General Manager of NZ Operations at Entrada Travel Group:
“Tourism is a dynamic and rewarding industry offering a vast array of amazing career pathways. At Entrada Travel Group we’re always on the lookout for talented and motivated people to join our crew, both in NZ and Australia. We’ve been working with ITC for a long time because we know how well-trained and prepared their students and graduates are: They are the training organisation that we turn to when there are openings available. We’re delighted to show our support for ITC’s scholarship initiative which will help the New Zealand tourism industry grow and thrive.”

Eliesa Fifita, Hotel Manager at Ibis Budget Auckland Central:
“ITC’s initiative of offering scholarships to encourage those to study and seek a career is crucial to the future and survival of our unique but fragile industry. We urgently need workers and ITC has consistently been able to provide year on year top and career driven students who are able to meet and exceed the needs of the industry. By offering this, many financial and preconceived barriers will be broken. This small hand up will open many opportunities to kick start career and rising superstars. I wholeheartedly support and wish great success in this initiative.”

Carol Mendes, Human Resources Manager at Cordis Auckland:
ITC Scholarships are a great first step in a career into the amazing world of Hospitality! The market is full of opportunities at the moment, enjoy momentum to take a leap forward!”

Gavin Oliver, Managing Director of EcoZip Adventures:
“The New Zealand tourism industry is set to enjoy a significant resurgence. We need the next generation of talented tourism professionals and entrepreneurs to be entering the industry now, so they can lead the sector in the future. Having a pool of talented individuals who are passionate about the tourism and travel sector to draw upon is essential for businesses like EcoZip. As we continue to grow, and as the sector recovers from the pandemic, the need for people with a sound understanding of the principles of the tourism industry has never been greater. We value what ITC does and see ITC as a natural partner in our growth and development strategies. Because ITC are so adept at equipping their students with the genuine skills and practical knowledge they’ll need when the entre the workforce, ITC students seem to already be ‘ahead of the game’ when they join us; significantly lightening our internal training and induction responsibilities.”

Graham Trubuhovich, National Operations Manager at AJ Hackett Bungy:
AJ Hackett Bungy has had a long relationship with ITC and over that time our crew and customers have benefited from the many ITC students we’ve had work with us. Their skills, enthusiasm and professionalism have added to our experience and to that of the wider tourism industry. We very much support ITC’s new scholarship initiative and look forward to working with many more of their graduate whanau in the future.

Sam Holdich, Operations Manager at Weta Workshop
“The tourism industry is facing a critical skills and workforce shortage on the back of the devastating effect the pandemic had on the industry. With the industry restarting there is a unique opportunity for qualified tourism graduates to make a lasting impact on the industry, and a chance to help the sector rebuild. ITC’s Scholarship is a great initiative that supports in addressing the skills shortage and ensuring tourism is ready for the future.”

It’s not too late to apply for the ITC Scholarship

We’re supporting students looking to enter the travel and tourism industry, and by doing so, we’re also supporting the industry we’re so passionate about, and the industry that is crying out for qualified workers.

We’ve had a number of scholarship applications so far, but there are several scholarships available, so be sure to get your application in by the end of the July to be in the running.

And don’t forget, the scholarships are open to both ITC and Study From Home students!

You can learn more about the scholarship and how to apply on our ITC Scholarships page here.

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