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Recommend a friend – and earn a $500 Pressie Card!

Posted on 31/01/2024 by

Recommend a friend and get a $500 Pressie Card!

Are you a current or past student of ITC? Do you know someone who would love to work in the travel and tourism industry? Or perhaps someone who wants a career change but isn’t sure where to start?

Not only could you be the person who helps them take that huge exciting step in their life, but you could also earn a $500 Pressie Card for your recommendation!

Our Recommend a Friend program usually offers ITC students and graduates a $300 Pressie Card for getting a friend to enrol with ITC or Study From Home. However, from now until June 2024, we’re upping that offer to a massive $500!

How to Recommend a Friend to ITC or Study From Home

Not sure how to go about recommending us to a friend? Here are a few suggestions!

Do you follow us on Facebook? We regularly share updates about our students, what we’re up to in the classroom, the fun tours we take, and so much more. Keep an eye out for anything you think your friend might like, then send it their way!

You can also let them know that ITC is a Fees Free provider. That means that your friend might be eligible to have their study fees covered – so they can earn a valuable qualification without taking on a student loan!

Another tip is to bring them in for an information session. We occasionally run fee Open Days, but you can also book a free info session for almost any time that suits you. This will give them a chance to see the campus, meet some of the team, and see how it all works in person.

Has your friend always wanted to travel, or work overseas? Plenty of our students enrol because ITC and Study From Home offer a great pathway for getting into the Disney Cultural Exchange Program.

Or how about letting them know about all the awesome things our graduates get up to after their studies? We regularly interview past students and share their success stories, which is a great way to see what kind of career options might be out there.

And of course, you can always share your own favourite memories and stories from your time studying with ITC or Study From Home. There’s nothing quite like word of mouth, especially when a recommendation comes from someone they know and trust!

What if you’re not an ITC or Study From Home student?

Even if you’re not an ITC or Study From Home student or past student, you can still benefit from this incredible offer.

If you recommend us to someone and they end up studying with us, we’ll say thanks with a $100 Pressie Card for you. Better yet, this is not limited, so if you recommend three people and they all enrol, then you’ll receive $300 worth of Pressie Cards!

Note that these incentives are for a limited time only and conditions apply.

Contact us today to learn more about our Recommend a Friend program, or with any questions you may have!

Study From Home – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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Meet the graduate who didn’t let a full-time job stop her from earning a valuable qualification

Posted on 21/11/2023 by

Study From Home graduate Cheytarna worked full-time during her studies, and is now working her dream role in aviation!

One of the best parts of learning with Study From Home is the ability to juggle an education with other major life commitments. Cheytarna Scott, a recent Study From Home graduate, is walking proof of just how much you can accomplish even with a full-time job.

Cheytarna worked full time and supported her grandparents while studying for a level 3 Certificate in Aviation. Today, her hard work has paid off, as she is working her dream job as a Flight Attendant.

We spoke to Cheytarna to learn more about why she signed up, how she found the experience of studying with us, and what she’s up to now.

How did your adventure begin with us at ITC?

I always wanted to study Aviation, Travel & Tourism, but I was not able to study full-time, especially without a full-time employee income. When I found ITC Study From Home I was excited and could not wait to touch base with the team.

After speaking with Richard, I was reassured that I was making the right decision to study with ITC, especially because I could still work full-time and support my grandparents whilst gaining my certificates.

What do you think ITC does different from other education providers?

Having the opportunity to study from home is a stand out for me! I love the fact that the course content is the same as an in-house course, so you know that you are not missing out on any learning opportunities.

I love that we are able to earn an income without sacrificing the need for knowledge, which can be used for career progression. The study-from-home team are supportive & gives you the information you need, just like you would receive studying in class.

What is your fondest memory of your time with Study From Home?

The best part of my journey as a Study-from-home student was the bond I made with all my tutors. They really did make my learning journey seamless & helped me to realise the potential I have. They inspired my love even more for the industry!

My real standout memory was gaining my Certificate in Aviation Level 3 with Distinction & getting Student of the year in 2018! 2018 was a real hard year for me personally and with the support of the tutors I was astounded to be awarded these.

What is your current adventure after ITC?

My current adventure in my career is being a Short Haul Flight Attendant – something that was just a dream over a year ago! My current adventure in my education is to study and complete my Diploma in Travel Level 5 with ITC Study from Home.

What will a typical day look like for you on this adventure?

As a flight attendant, a typical day starts off by heading to the airport. I fly both domestically and internationally, so depending on where I am heading that day, depends on where and how I prepare for my day.

Generally, I will meet up with my crew at the gate, we will have a briefing discussing our flight information and discuss any special requirements needing to be addressed. We will head to the aircraft, do our procedural checks and then welcome passengers.

Depending on the final destination, we will be preparing for a full service (including meals) or a domestic service (drinks and snacks). As a flight attendant, I am there to ensure the safety of the passengers, to make sure they are comfortable throughout the flight and to ensure that we all adhere to the policies and procedures to keep us safe and well.

How did ITC prepare or support you for this?

The units that I studied with ITC gave me an insight into how procedures are done and the importance of particular policies within the industry are upheld. The customer service aspect of the learning gave me insight into how to deal with people, especially difficult passengers.

Learning destination information – like airport and area codes – helped me to identify where I will be travelling to, or even to help customers (& other staff). I was given the skills and knowledge to understand Aviation security and the reason why it is strictly adhered to.

Learning about the different areas in the airport has highlighted the importance of how we must work as a team to make sure that the process is smooth and no mistakes are made.

What are you excited most about your journey from here?

I am excited to continue my studies in the Diploma in Travel Level 5. I am excited to further my education and dive deeper into the industry.

I am hoping to be able to further my skills and knowledge to aid in becoming a trainer/teacher. I would love to share my knowledge and inspire the next generation of students.

What advice do you have for others wanting to study tourism?

Just do it! The tourism, travel and aviation industry is booming (always has been) and it is so diverse, that there is a spot for each and every one of us. Once you have this industry in your blood, it is hard to shake! Be prepared to work hard and reap your rewards!

Study From Home on your own terms like Cheytarna

Cheytarna’s story is a shining example of someone who is passionate and driven. Despite being unable to study at a traditional in-person tertiary qualification, Cheytarna completed her level 3 qualification not just with Distinction, but as the Student of the Year!

If you’re working full time, caring for family, or have other commitments – you can still earn a valuable qualification! And the team at Study From Home would be right here to support you every step of the way.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can study from the comfort of your own home at times that suit your lifestyle.

Study From Home – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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Meet the super-mum who earned her qualification with kids at home and a full-time job!

Posted on 30/08/2023 by

Super-mum Hitty studied from home to earn her qualification from ITC.

At Study From Home and ITC, we often meet incredible, hard-working people. Recent graduate Hitty Sarpal is a great example.

Hitty chose Study From Home for the flexibility, as not only did she have young kids at home, she also worked a full-time job! Her hard work and dedication is proof that with motivation and will-power, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

We asked Hitty a few questions about her studies, how she managed it all, and what she wants to do next.

Did you enjoy learning with Study From Home?

I am very glad and Privileged that I pursued my Travel and Tourism study in International Travel College of New Zealand (Study From Home). I like that I am studying something that I am passionate about. I thoroughly enjoyed my time studying a Travel and Tourism course at ITC college.

How did you juggle study with being a mum?

The best thing about studying from home is that I could study at absolutely any time I wanted. I would put an hour or two aside, during kids nap time or sometimes my in-laws would look after them for an hour or two while I am studying, which allows for 100 percent ‘me’ time. But I always made sure to help in laws in the household chores to balance out the things and not to put all pressure on them.

My husband after work will take my kids out for a walk or park to support my learning. Learning online allowed me to keep up my professional skills, as I was super scared that I would lose touch base with them when I became a Mum.

What was your favourite thing about Study From Home?

I really think that the flexibility of studying from home is what allowed me to complete my Certificate! It’s hard to put aside time when there’s always so much to do, but it’s really worth it because it allows you to be ‘you’. Plus: You can totally study in your PJs on your sofa and no one will judge you!

Most importantly, it doesn’t sacrifice missing those moments that you want to be there for: your kids and husband (especially for the days he worked from home). To support my husband, I picked up a full-time job in the Ministry of Social Development in between my study and after that it was challenging to juggle between my job, kids, and study initially, but I managed to utilise my time management skills and made sure I gave sufficient time to my studies.

Was there anything you were nervous about when you started studying?

If I look back at the time when I started this journey with ITC, I was nervous and was not sure if I would be able to complete this course but I had great support from the tutors and they were always there to guide me, which made this journey so much easier.

My family has recently migrated to Australia, and I am looking for a job. I feel confident in my ability to find employment with one of the reputable companies and pursue my goal of becoming a ticketing agent.

I hope my story will motivate all the other moms and inspire them to pursue their goals in life. I am proud of what I have achieved over the last and this year. I really want to thank the manager and tutors at ITC for the support and guidance.

Looking to make a change?

Are you looking to make a change in your life, but unsure how when you’ve already got a full plate with work, family, or other commitments?

Study From Home allows you to earn a valuable qualification in travel and tourism, all without leaving the comfort of your home. You can start at any time and study at your own pace, all with the support of our wonderful tutors.

Sign up for a FREE trial to see what it would be like to study online, or get in touch with any questions today.

Study From Home – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or


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Meet Melissa Tanthadilok – the SFH graduate whose online studies led her to an incredible dream job!

Posted on 23/08/2023 by

Melissa chose Study From Home so she could continue to manage her work and family life while earning a qualification.

One of the best parts about earning a qualification with Study From Home is that our online portal makes it all incredibly flexible and convenient.

That’s exactly what drew graduate Melissa Tanthadilok to our courses. And now, she can look back and see exactly how what she learned has set her up for her fantastic position as a FIT Reservation Consultant.

Read on to see our full interview with Melissa and why Study From Home was the perfect choice for her.

Why did you choose ITC Study From Home?

One of the most significant reasons was flexibility, as I can create my schedules in order to balance my study with work, family and my other responsibilities.

Convenience is also an important reason for me. I didn’t have to commute to campus, saving my time and money on transportation. I was able to create my own learning environment.

What does your current study/work routine look like?

For the past 9 months, I have been working as a FIT Reservation Consultant at ATS Pacific NZ, a division of Helloworld Travel Service (NZ) Limited. Please see below the job description as FIT reservations consultant:

  • Actioning quotes and bookings
  • Performing administrative duties e.g., filing correspondence correctly
  • Providing correct information to agents and offering alternative services and suggestions should any component be unavailable
  • Accurate communication (written and verbal) with agents and suppliers
  • Liaise with other team members and assist with workflows as required

Has any of the study content been valuable in your current role?

Absolutely! Enrolling in a tourism course at ITC really helped me land my job as a FIT Reservations Consultant. I learned all about taking care of customers, how the travel industry works, cool facts about different places, and even how to use specific reservation system like Amadeus. All of these skills and knowledge are perfect for what I am doing now.

ITC also helped me get better at talking to people, handling things when they don’t go as planned, and being a good problem solver – all super important for working with agents, suppliers and customers in order to make their travel plans in NZ smooth.

What are your highlights so far about your role?

I get to be a part of people’s exciting travel plans. Whether it’s a dream vacation or a business trip in New Zealand, I am here to make it happen.

Do you have any words of wisdom for others out there wondering if they should Study From Home?

Well, my favourite quote of all time is “The best way to achieve a goal is to devote 100 percent of your time and energy to it” – Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory.

What are your career aspirations or what are you excited about using these qualifications for in future?

With my tourism knowledge, I might consider starting my own travel-related business such as offering personalised travel consulting services.

Flexible and convenient online learning

Study From Home makes earning a valuable qualification incredibly convenient. Our flexibility means that you can fit your studies in around a busy lifestyle, whether that’s a job, childcare, or anything else.

Our focus throughout all our qualifications is to provide real-world knowledge and skills, so you can graduate and quickly find jobs in the travel and tourism industry. Like Melissa, many graduates find that what they learn with us applies directly to their new roles!

And the best part is – you can get started with Study From Home at any time.

Contact us today to learn more about our qualifications, or sign up for a free trial to see what it would be like to study with Study From Home!

Study From Home – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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Did you know you could be studying within a WEEK with Study From Home?

Posted on 26/07/2023 by

Our courses are so flexible, you could be starting your qualification within a week!

With most colleges (and even with ITC!), start dates and graduation dates are all determined by a pre-set schedule. That means turning up on time and making sure your schedule fits around class times.

With Study From Home, it’s the complete opposite.

The incredible flexibility you get when studying from home

Study From Home offers the same qualifications as ITC, but gives you all the flexibility for when to start and when to study.

For example, if you get in touch today and enrol, you could be starting your qualification – and potentially taking the first step towards an amazing career in travel and tourism – all within the next week!

Not to mention, studying from home means that you don’t have to rearrange other aspects of your life, such as work or family. Instead, you can study in the evenings, over weekends, or whenever you have the time.

For example, Study From Home graduate Ruby Roche worked full time throughout her studies, and is now flying high in her dream job as a flight attendant with Air New Zealand.

Of course, you’ll still need to find the time for regular study, but it won’t need to be on our schedule!

Working in the industry by summer

Our New Zealand Certificate in Tourism and New Zealand Certificate in Tourism with a strand in Aviation are both level 3 courses, and both take just 20 weeks to complete (studying 30 hours per week).

That means if you enrol now and get started within a week, you’ll be able to earn an industry-recognised qualification and learn the basics of travel and tourism – all before Christmas.

As the busy summer season gets underway, you could be graduating from Study From Home, and one of our Employment Consultants could be working with you to help you find a job in the industry.

Just take a look at how many listings there are for jobs in travel and tourism on the GoWithTourism website. There are usually also plenty more that come available in early summer as the busy season kicks off.

Overall, that means plenty of opportunities for you to find fun, fulfilling work when you graduate.

Could your life look completely different in just 6 months?

For more information about how you could transform your life this week, book a free info session. You can do this over the phone or in person – whatever you prefer. This session is designed to answer your questions and give you all the information you need to get started.

You can even do a free trial to see exactly what it would be like studying from home and using our online portal to earn your qualification.

Or if you already know Study From Home is the right choice for you, you can easily enrol online here.

For any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Study From Home – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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Meet the Study From Home who got qualified while working full time – and is now in her dream job!

Posted on 28/06/2023 by

Ruby Roche worked full time and studied at home to earn her qualification.

Study From Home offers students the opportunity to learn in their own time, at their own pace, in their own homes. It’s ideal for anyone who isn’t based near one of our college location, or for anyone who has work or family commitments that mean they can’t study on a ‘normal’ schedule.

For Ruby Roche, that was exactly why Study From Home was the perfect fit. She was able to continue with her full-time job while she earned her qualification with us during evenings and weekends.

Through hard work and dedication, she didn’t just graduate with an industry-recognised qualification, but she also landed her dream job!

Read on to learn more about her inspirational journey.

What were your goals when you first decided to start studying tourism?

My goals were definitely to learn more about travel and tourism as I knew it was always a passion. The big goal was to end up as a flight attendant, in particular for Air New Zealand. I did however not think my first ever job as a flight attendant would be with my dream company all in one. I am very lucky!

Why did you choose to study with ITC Study From Home?

I found Study at Home an extremely flexible choice for myself. At the time I was working full time 5 days a week and definitely didn’t have time to go full time study. So this for me was a great opportunity and option to still keep my normal life but also do something on side. I liked that I could pick and choose my own hours and do bits and pieces when suited me. I would recommend this option for anybody who still wants to work full time. Or even part time.

What do you think ITC does that sets them different from other education providers?

I personally feel that ITC is more inclusive and intimate than universities etc. You have a small selection of tutors who dedicate their time and effort to help you in any which way you need. I found that more beneficial.

Did you enjoy your ITC studies? Do you have a favourite memory?

Words cannot describe how much I loved studying with ITC, most of the time it didn’t even feel like I was studying. I actually looked forward to my assignments and exams. My favourite memory is definitely doing the roleplays. I found those exciting and a fun way to learn.

How did ITC support you as you applied to work at Air NZ?

ITC supported me as I applied to Air New Zealand as they gave me an absolutely glowing reference. They supported my every step in the application process and always kept in touch with me on my progress with my job.

What are you most excited about for your new career?

I’ve been working with Air New Zealand since March and I would say I’m most looking forward to meeting my first celebrity or having a family member on my flight. I am yet to have that and I know the joy when it happens will be brilliant.

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to study travel and tourism?

My advice would be to not give up. At times it can be hard and challenging and all you want to do it quit and find something easier but trust me it’s definitely worth it. There’s always a rainbow at the other end. You just need to find it.

Want to study from home?

Study From Home offers the perfect balance between studying in your own time, while still having the full support of a dedicated team of tutors and Employment Consultants.

Like Ruby, anyone can earn a valuable qualification, even if you have family, work or other life commitments. And since our courses are so flexible, you can start studying whenever it suits you – even today!

Contact us to learn more about our online learning options.

Study From Home – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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Meet your Study From Home team

Posted on 24/08/2021 by

Study From Home’s friendly team

When you earn your travel and tourism qualifications with Study From Home, you’ll spend your time in front of your laptop at home.

However, you’ll still enjoy the support and guidance of our Study From Home tutors, just like you would if you were studying in person. This close-knit team works hard to support our students as they move through their coursework, and will be there for advice, help, and motivation every step of the way.

Interested in learning more about your Study From Home tutors and team? Here’s a brief introduction!

Toni Young

Toni Young is the newest member of the Study From Home team, joining the crew in early 2021. Before that, she lived in Australia and the UK, and worked as a travel agent, a teacher, and for an airline and event management company.

No two days are the same for Toni. She might be working in Teams Assessment with a group of students, on a Zoom meeting with a student overseas, marking students’ work, or working on developing new course content. She sees her role as encouraging, motivating, facilitating, and counselling students.

“Their success is our success and we have lots of processes in place to help make this happen,” she explains.

Her favourite part of the job is seeing students achieve their qualifications and start their dream jobs in the industry, and her advice to students considering studying for a career in tourism and travel is to simply do it.

“There is no better time to be studying towards your travel and tourism qualifications. The industry needs qualified and motivated students and with this qualification you will be ideally placed to enter the exciting world of travel and tourism.”

When Toni isn’t helping and motivating students for Study From Home, she can often be found on the ski fields near her home town in Christchurch.

Joy Carter

Before becoming a Study From Home tutor, Joy spent almost 10 years teaching at the ITC Botany campus, so she has extensive experience with travel, tourism, and aviation courses. Prior to her work with ITC, she spent more than 10 years selling travel holidays.

Her days are always busy; doing roleplays with students, marking student coursework, responding to queries, and checking in on student progress. She helps to update and improve resources as well, but no matter how busy she is, “we are never too busy to have a chat with our students,” she says.

She knows that some students may need a hand with technical issues, and loves to help explain tricky terminology or clarify certain questions whenever students get stuck. But her favourite part of the job is getting to know the students, sharing their journeys, and celebrating their successes.

She says that for students considering studying online with SFH, the trick is to have plenty of support.

“Let family members and friends know that you are studying and the hours you have committed to. They probably don’t realise, and you may need them to help out if you encounter challenges along the way, such as a change of routine or sickness,” she said.

Joy’s no stranger to travel herself. She has been to many places over the years, but on one particularly memorable trip to Papua New Guinea, she and her husband and young daughter experienced a real culture shock. They were advised to lock themselves in at night, and on New Year’s Eve, the police came through their backyard chasing a “rascally”!

Lynelle Panton

Lynelle’s background is all about travel. She has worked in leisure travel, in hotels, for rental car companies, and even as a corporate travel consultant at American Express. That’s when she joined the ITC team as a campus tutor, before moving across to the Study From Home team where she is also a tutor.

As a part-timer, Lynelle juggles her work with SFH with her home life, where she’s full-on with three kids. She loves that she can spend time with her children after school and help with their activities, while still working in an industry she loves so much and knows so well.

When asked what she does to go the extra mile for her students, Lynelle explained that going the extra mile simply goes hand in hand with the travel and tourism industry, so it’s important to do that from the start. This can mean doing roleplays outside of normal hours, meeting students to help with assessments, and working with students one-on-one. She loves the work, and especially so when she sees the results and added confidence in the students.

“You can see them blossom after they have had that little bit of extra help,” she says.

For anyone considering signing up with Study From Home, she says that if it’s something you really want to do, then don’t let anything stop you. She recommends using the tutors who are there specifically to help – and they want to help.

Her favourite part of the job? Seeing students grow.

“A lot of students don’t realise how much they change from the start of the course to the end. It’s not just a knowledge thing – when you have learned something you gain confidence… and obviously I love to see them get their qualification and start working in the industry!”

And if you ever have a moment, be sure to ask Lynelle about her time working at a winery. She did the usual tasks such as wine tastings, but she would also occasionally jump in the ute with the dog in the back, then drive up and down the rows of vines banging the car door and getting the dog to bark like mad to scare away the birds.

Andrew Houston

Andrew began as a tutor for the Botany Campus five years ago, but he has since worked as the Tutorial Team Leader, and is now the Botany Campus Manager and Study From Home Manager. His work with Study From Home is backed by a long career in tourism and travel, where he worked in aviation security, and for Air New Zealand and Flight Centre.

His role is incredibly diverse. He supports the tutorial, recruitment, and student services teams for the Botany Campus, and the entire Study From Home Team. He even still teaches some diploma subjects and plays an important role in developing new course materials and resources.

Recently, he has been heavily involved with creating new interactive activities, video lessons, and enhanced subject guides for Study From Home students. Andrew, and the entire team, consistently work to make improvements for a better learning experience for everyone.

“I also empower the team to look for creative solutions to assist students who are facing personal challenges whilst studying,” he adds.

His favourite part of the job is seeing students start working in the world’s most exciting industry, and his advice for anyone considering study is to check out the Study From Home Free Trial, which gives you an idea of the style of learning you can expect as a student.

When he’s not busy with ITC and Study From Home work, Andrew is working on his fitness as he gets ready to run the Queenstown Marathon in November.

Ready to meet the team for real? Get in touch with us to hear more about our distance learning options, to enrol, and to meet your new Study From Home tutors!

Study From Home – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or



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You’ve studied from home – now how about working from home, too?

Posted on 17/08/2021 by

Study & work from home

Distance learning is a wonderful way to earn a valuable qualification, and we’re proud to offer level 3, 4, and 5 courses in the travel and tourism industry that anyone in New Zealand can complete online.

For those who have earned their certificates through Study From Home, they already know the multitude of benefits of working from the comfort of your own house (only one of which is being able to work in your pajamas if you want to).

So if you’ve studied from home and realised how much you love (or simply need) the freedom of working from home as well, here’s a little more on what’s available, and what it’s like to work from home.

Remote work positions in the travel and tourism industry

Remote work is highly sought after and there are not always a lot of positions available, but they do exist, and those with qualifications are better placed to apply than those without.

For example, you may be able to find one of these work from home positions:

• Travel agent
• Customer support for a travel, tourism, or aviation business
• Guest experience manager
• Customer service agent
• Reservations agent
• Travel writer/editor

Finding remote work is often a case of keeping an eye on available positions, and making the most of resources available to you such as ITC’s dedicated employment consultants, who work to help ITC and Study From Home graduates find roles in the industry.

In some cases, you may need to gain experience in an in-person job before moving into a remote position.

What is it actually like to work from home?

Studying from home is a good introduction to working from home, but not necessarily the same.

Working from home has countless upsides. Not only do you not have to get dressed up for work, you don’t even have to spend money on work outfits.

There is no commute, meaning that you both get a little bit more time in the morning and evening, and you don’t have to deal with the stress of traffic, or the cost of transport and parking.

There are no distracting coworkers, typically less office politics, and it’s much easier to whip up lunch when you have an entire kitchen at your disposal. You can also keep an eye on kids home from school while continuing your work day, without having to take time off.

That said, there are a few things you will need to be prepared for if you’re planning on working from home:

• Distractions such as kids, pets, housework, and even hobbies
• Separating work-life from home-life
• Working without colleagues around you (although this can be a bonus for introverts!)

Working from home is extremely popular for a reason, so once you’ve adjusted to these common challenges, you’ll be ready for a career that’s as comfortable and convenient as your studies were!

Do you love the idea of distance learning, and perhaps of working from home for your job as well? Get in touch with us at Study From Home to learn more about our courses and the careers they can lead to.

Study From Home – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or


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How ITC’s flexibility makes tertiary study possible, no matter what life throws at you

Posted on 03/03/2021 by

ITC offers flexible study options, so you can earn your qualifications no matter what life throws at you.

Continuing with your studies after high school is a wonderful way to earn an education at a higher level, and to gain knowledge and skills specialised for your future dream career.

Unfortunately, not all universities and colleges make that as straight-forward as it could be. Many demand in-person attendance from Monday to Friday, with few options for flexibility, even if you desperately need it.

ITC understands that for some, tertiary study isn’t as simple as just showing up to class every day. We know that life can throw things at you that make a ‘normal’ study schedule practically impossible, no matter how badly you want to earn your qualifications.

That’s why we’ve made sure our courses are as flexible as possible. That they work with you rather than against you, so you can graduate with a valuable qualification, no matter how many challenges you face along the way.

Part-time or full-time study

If you’re ready to commit to full-time study and earn your qualifications as quickly as possible, you can certainly do so at ITC. This is a great way to throw yourself into tertiary study and work your way through your certifications.

However, if you have other commitments, such as a part-time job or a family to look after, we know that full-time study might be too much to add to your already-full plate. In this case, you can study with ITC part-time, which allows you to earn your qualifications without sacrificing time with your family or your work schedule.

Choose your campus

ITC currently offers three campus locations, so if you wish to study with us, you can pick the one that is best suited to you.

You’ll find us at:

Standard colleges and universities often only have one campus, which requires many students to relocate in order to complete their qualifications. With us, you may be able to find one much closer to home.

Campus study and online options

If you don’t live near one of our campuses, or you prefer not to commute at all in order to earn your qualification, you can always opt to study online.

Study From Home is ITC’s online option, which lets you earn the exact same level 3, 4, and 5 qualifications, but all from the comfort of your own home. All you need is your own laptop and a reliable internet connection, and you can sign up.

One of the best parts about studying online is that there are no set term dates. This means you can begin your studies at any point in the year, and even work through them even faster than the usual course if that better suits your schedule. This gives you the ultimate flexibility of being able to learn from home, while still gaining the same great qualifications as in-person students.

In late 2019 and early 2020, one ITC student discovered just how beneficial this online learning option can be. Jessica Collingwood began study with ITC in person, but she soon began having serious health issues, and had to spend large amounts of time in hospital. Not wanting to give up her studies, ITC helped her switched to our online learning portal, so she was able to finish her certificate despite her massive challenges. You can read more about her story here.

Four-day study week

Companies and organisations around the world have started experimenting with four-day work weeks, as more and more people believe that we can be just as productive – but far happier and less stressed – than sticking to the same old five-day work week.

We agree.

In 2021, ITC has moved to a four-day study week, which means that students attend courses from Monday to Thursday, enjoying their Fridays to themselves to relax, spend time with family and friends, study, or even work.

We believe this flexibility gives students much greater control over their own time, and still allows them to graduate with a fantastic qualification at the end of each course.

Here are just some of the ways ITC has made study possible thanks to our flexible options:

  • During Alert Level 4, tutors offered to drop off resources to certain students who were unable to collect due to personal circumstances.
  • Relocation from one campus to another when a student has moved cities
  • A student with a 7 month old baby and couldn’t always be on campus, but is a visual learner and doesn’t want to just study from home. We’ve offered “Blended” learning.  She will be signed up as a campus student, but will be allowed to SFH to get the best of both worlds.
  • One student did not have a device during Alert Level 4, and only a small phone to complete an assessment. So we read the questions over the phone and she wrote her answers on paper where she took photos of it all and sent them in for marking.
  • ITC Tutors teach using various ways to cater to different students’ needs. For example, by combining visuals (by writing pictures, and using the boards), auditory (letting students read the text), write and read by asking them to write what they have learned for each session, and kinaesthetic (letting them make a plot for the drama and act which is related to the topic).
  • A student was working full time during Alert Level 4 and was unable to attend class sessions. So we arranged time with her 1:1 after work around 7pm to update her.
  • 1:1 tutorial time with tutors whether that is on campus, online or via phone. Tutors will be there for students if they are not busy taking a class.
  • A couple of students began with Study From Home, but found they would prefer to study in person, so switched to on-campus with ITC!
  • One student was so keen to start work in the industry that they sped up their studies by studying level 3 in the morning on campus and level 4 in the afternoons at home.
  • One student switched from on-campus study to Study From Home in order to care for a sick family member.
  • A student was looking to drop out because she’s not computer savvy and was frustrated as she wasn’t keeping up in class. After sitting down and discussing the issue, we agreed to print out her workbooks to better suit her learning style. She has since taken a 180 degree turn in class and is doing very well.

If you’re at all concerned about committing to study this year in case life throws you a curve ball, remember that flexible study options can mean you won’t have to give up your education. Get in touch with us to chat about your options and find out more.

Study From Home – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or


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Education through hardship: How one student completed her qualifications against the odds

Posted on 02/03/2021 by

Despite major challenges, graduate Jessica Collingwood completed her qualifications with ITC and Study From Home.

We often catch up with past students and graduates. We love hearing about how they’re going in the industry, and seeing their updates as they move into dream jobs meeting people, travelling, and learning.

But not all stories are about study then work.

Recently, we spoke to recent student Jessica Collingwood, and learned about how our famed flexible learning options weren’t just convenient, but made it possible for Jessica to graduate.

Her story shows how much ITC is here to help. We don’t set restrictions like so many education providers, but rather offer flexible alternatives for study, from our multiple campuses and online learning options, to part-time and full-time courses and four-day study week.

Our students are so much more than just a filled seat in a classroom or another name on an enrolment list, and we care about what happens both during and after the learning takes place.

Jessica Collingwood’s experience with ITC and Study From Home

“I studied at ITC doing the Level 4 Tourism certificate at the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020.

Unfortunately, as I started at ITC my health turned for the worse, I was so committed to getting my certificate that I pushed myself to go to class even when I was clearly too unwell to be there. It then just got to the point where it was becoming impossible and I started missing so many classes. I was in and out of hospital a lot.

ITC were amazing and very accommodating. They suggested I change to ITC online (Study From Home). This was the best decision for me at the time. I did not want to give up.

I managed to continue studying while being unwell and I managed to finish and get my certificate. Then the pandemic hit and of course I had all those worries about getting my dream job as travel agent.

I decided it was a good time to get myself well again, spend quality time with family and explore our beautiful country.

I am now starting the process of looking for work again but I am focusing on getting some more experience behind me in jobs that will help me in the near future when the tourism industry picks up and travel agency jobs become available.

I will use this time to build on my strengths and learn new things. I know that when Covid sorts itself out and those borders open, the tourism industry will be booming and there will be so many jobs available. Over the last year New Zealand has become more recognised throughout the world during the pandemic and people are so eager to come and see our beautiful country.

If you enjoy tourism and want a career in the industry, then go for it!

To anyone wishing to take the leap into tourism; I would say use this time to study and get experience in jobs that will help you in some way or another for your future career. Let’s be ready for our tourism industry to busier than ever.”

Do you feel like distance learning could be for you? Get in touch with Study From Home to find out more about our flexible learning options and the qualifications you can earn by studying online.

Study From Home – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or


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