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Five tips for studying in cafes

Posted on 21/02/2018 by

Studying from a cafe is a great way to beat cabin fever, especially in the winter months.

One of the best things about studying tourism with ITC Study From Home is that you can study anywhere, anytime. And that includes your favourite cafes!

However, studying in cafes can be counter-productive – especially if you spend more time people-watching than you do working on your assignments.

But never fear, we have five tips to help you make the most of your cafe study sessions.

1. Aim for a power hour

Let’s be honest, most cafe owners don’t want you to be sitting in their cafe for five hours nursing one cold coffee. To avoid overstaying your welcome – or spending too much money on food – try to keep your cafe study sessions short and sweet.

Aim for a super productive ‘power hour’. Set aside 60 minutes to work on your assignment and then either move on or order something else off the menu to keep your cafe hosts happy.

2. Find a quiet table in the corner

Set yourself up away from the action so you can hear yourself think – and so you don’t take up a valuable table for six people.

You’ll still feel part of the action but you won’t be too distracted.

Bonus tip: try to avoid sitting right next to the coffee machine (unless you love working in loud spaces!)

3. Make sure the internet connection is fast and reliable

If you need to access the ITC Study From Home forums or Moodle site, then make sure the cafe has a reliable internet connection.

Keep an eye out for cafes with power points, too!

4. Pack a study bag

The last thing you want is to arrive at a cafe without your notes, laptop, pens or something else essential.

Make sure you pack a study bag before you go. Write a list of everything you need so you don’t forget anything important.

5. Choose somewhere local

If possible, choose a cafe that’s within 15 minutes of your front door – or less. If you spend too long getting to the cafe, you’ll cut into valuable study time.

The point of studying in cafes is to mix up your environment and be more productive. If you find that studying in cafes has the opposite effect, then it might be a good idea to stay home instead.

Would you like the flexibility and freedom to study in cafes? Study tourism with ITC Study From Home! We’re accepting applications now – contact us today to learn more.

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Five reasons to study from home in Auckland

Posted on 21/06/2017 by

Just because you live in Auckland doesn’t mean you can’t study from home. Distance learning might be the best option for you.

If you live in Auckland, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to on-campus study options. That said, have you ever considered studying from home? Just because you can commute to class doesn’t mean it’s the right option for you.

Here are five reasons why you might want to consider studying from home in Auckland instead.

1. Escape the commute

It’s no secret that public transport in Auckland is expensive, especially if you live far away from the city centre. Save money (and time!) by ditching the commute and studying from home instead. Just think of how much study you could get done in the time you’d spend sitting on a bus, train, or ferry.

2. Study part-time

If you need to study part-time hours due to childcare or work commitments or even just personal preferences, then studying from home is a good option. Our on-campus courses are all full-time (at least 40 hours a week), but with distance learning you can choose to study for 20 hours a week if you prefer.

3. Enjoy a flexible lifestyle

Are you one of those people who thrive on flexibility? Do you love mixing up your routine every week and do you have great time management skills? If so, you will love the freedom of studying from home. You are able to set your own schedule and study when it suits you best. As long as you meet the deadlines for your assignments, you’re free to create your own hours.

4. Juggle study and kids

Many Auckland-based parents choose to study from home so they can juggle getting a qualification with looking after their little ones. You can choose to study full-time or part-time and fit your study schedule around your childcare obligations.

5. Get the best of both worlds

Studying from home in Auckland offers the best of both worlds. You live in New Zealand’s biggest city, which is overflowing with tourism jobs, so you won’t be short of job opportunities when you graduate. Yet, you can enjoy the flexibility of studying in your local community without needing to commute every day. By the time you graduate, you will be able to choose where in Auckland you’d like to kickstart your career. The opportunities are endless!

Study From Home is enrolling now for our airline, travel, and tourism courses. Get in touch today to find out how you could gain a qualification in this exciting industry.

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Online communication tips for distance learners

Posted on 03/08/2016 by
When you study from home, most of your communication with classmates and tutors will be done online. Read on for some tips on how to communicate effectively via email and forums.

When you study from home, most of your communication with classmates and tutors will be done online. Read on for some tips on how to communicate effectively via email and forums.

What do long distance relationships and studying from home have in common? The importance of communication.

Anyone who’s in a long distance relationship will know that communication is key. It’s hard to keep the love alive if you’re not regularly communicating with your partner.

The same ‘rule’ applies to distance learning. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to communicate with others, no matter how many miles keep you apart (thank you internet).

When you study from home, you’ll spend a lot of time chatting with tutors and classmates via email and online forums. Below we’ve outlined a few tips to help you navigate the world of online communication with ease.

1. Keep it real

The first thing to remember when communicating online is that you’re chatting to real people with real feelings! Your online classmates are just like you. Make sure you communicate with the same level of respect and compassion as you would in a classroom environment.

2. Keep it clean

Take care not to swear, make insensitive jokes, or use too much slang. You don’t have to be completely formal – the use of some ‘text language’ is okay within reason – but try to remember that not everyone will understand what you mean. Where possible, use polite and friendly language, and avoid making jokes that some people could find offensive.

3. Keep it concise

Try to communicate in a clear, concise manner so you don’t overwhelm your classmates with long messages. If your note is more than a few sentences, use paragraphs and subheadings to break up the text for easy reading.

4.Keep it appropriate

Online forums are for study purposes, so don’t use this tool to have private conversations or share inappropriate content. We understand that some conversations will naturally veer away from study, but try to stick to the topic at-hand where possible.

5. Keep it friendly

If you take one thing away from this article, make it this. As long as you communicate in a nice, friendly manner you can’t go too far wrong! Treat other people as you would like to be treated, and you’ll find that the world of online communication can be a warm and welcoming place.

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Are you ready to study from home?

Posted on 06/07/2016 by
Follow our simple checklist to figure out if you're ready to study from home.

Follow our simple checklist to figure out if you’re ready to study from home.

Studying from home is a big commitment, so it’s a good idea to wait until you’re ready to fully immerse yourself in the learning experience. Rushing into study could cause stress and compromise your success – it’s best to be as prepared as possible.

So, how will you know when you’re ready?

We’ve compiled a checklist of things you should do before you enrol on a distance learning course. These steps will help you prepare for student life.

Please note, this checklist is intended as a guide only. If you have any questions about any of our courses, please contact us.

1. Talk to friends and family

Tell your loved ones that you’re thinking about studying from home. They might have some valuable advice for you, or even offer to help out from time to time. Studying is much easier with the support of your friends and family.

2. Speak with an ITC Study From Home tutor

You probably have lots of questions about studying from home. The best people to ask are the ITC Study From Home tutors. They will be able to help you figure out which course is right for you. Call 0800 788 394 to request to speak with a tutor.

3. Decide whether to study part-time or full-time

We offer two study options for distance learning – part-time or full-time. Part-time courses take on average 40 weeks to complete, and you must do a minimum of 10-15 hours study each week. Full-time courses are 20 weeks on average, and require a minimum of 20-25 hours of study each week. Figure out which option will suit you best.

4. Create a draft study plan

The best way to see whether you have the time to study from home is to create a draft study plan. Follow the steps in this helpful guide to see if you have enough ‘study hours’ each week. Sometimes we don’t know how much spare time we actually have until we see it on paper.

5. Write down what you would be prepared to give up in order to study

One of the hardest things about study is that it often requires you to make some short-term sacrifices. What would you give up for six months or a year in order to achieve your qualification? Write a list of things that you could “live without”. Some examples include television, going out on the weekends, and spending time on social media. You probably won’t have to give these up completely, but you may have to go without them for a week or two during busy times.

Being aware of these sacrifices before you start your course ensures you’re not in for any surprises. We promise all your favourite TV shows will be waiting for you once you’ve achieved your qualification!

We hope this checklist has helped you figure out if you’re ready to Study From Home. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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How to make studying from home fun

Posted on 06/04/2016 by
Struggling to find the motivation to study from home? See our three tips below to help find the fun in learning.

Struggling to find the motivation to study from home? Read our three tips to help find the fun in learning.

We share a lot of study tips on this blog. From the best snacks to eat to stay focused, to how to study in summer when the beach is calling your name, we’re dedicated to helping you ace your travel and tourism assignments.

But all of our tips might be worthless if you don’t find any enjoyment in studying. Sure, there’s no avoiding some tedious tasks, but there are ways you can learn to love learning – you just need to think outside of the box.

Here are three tips to help make studying from home fun, so that it becomes less of a chore and more of a passion.

use colour to make study fun

1. Invest in fun stationery

Studying is the perfect excuse to buy cute stationery (as if you needed another one!). Swap boring plain lined paper for a sketch pad, journal or even a whiteboard – whatever works for you. Also, try to use plenty of colour. Think bright felt tip pens and post-it notes. The aim of this is to help get your creative juices flowing. Not only will this make studying more fun, it’ll also encourage you to think creatively about what you’re learning.

Add caption

2. Find real-world examples

Many people find study boring because they can’t connect what they’re learning on paper to what happens in the real world. Where possible, look for ways to experience what you’re learning first-hand. For example, if you are learning about what it’s like to work at the airport, why not visit your nearest airport for lunch and observe your surroundings? Or if you are learning about customer service, see if you can do some work experience at a local tourism operator.

the aural learner

3. Create a study playlist

Some people find music distracting when studying – if this is you, move right along to the next tip. But if you love bopping along to the beat while you learn, turn up the tunes and enjoy! Create a new study playlist every week as motivation to hit the books. Songs without words are best as they aren’t so distracting, but listen to whatever works for you.

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Five reasons why it’s never too late to start studying

Posted on 10/02/2016 by
Don't let time pass you by. It's never too late to start studying towards your dream career.

Don’t let time pass you by. It’s never too late to start studying towards your dream career.

“People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.” – Paulo Coelho

Today, many young people are encouraged to pursue higher education once they finish secondary school – but this wasn’t always the case. Earlier generations often embarked on a different path in life, such as going straight into the workforce or having children. They may have sacrificed studying in order to follow a different dream.

If this sounds like you, you may sometimes find yourself wondering what life would have been like if you had chosen to study your passion. Well, maybe it’s time to stop wondering and give further education a try. Thanks to distance learning, it’s now easier than ever to make studying part of your life.

Here are five reasons why it’s never too late to start studying.

1. Life experience will make you a better student

Some mature students worry they won’t be able to keep up with their younger counterparts. In fact, the opposite is often true! Your life experience will likely give you an edge over other students. You’ll be able to bring real-world experience to the table, and may even act as a mentor or role model.

2. You might have more financial stability

Those who start studying later in life can often afford to pay for some of their courses upfront, hereby reducing financial pressure. Although pursuing a new career path is always daunting, you’ll have peace of mind that you have other experience and jobs to fall back on if needed.

3. There are many flexible study options available

Education has adapted to the digital world, meaning you can now study many courses from home, in your own time, at your own pace! This provides you with the freedom to juggle several commitments, such as part-time work and childcare. Study From Home graduate Rebekah Linton has some great tips for balancing work and study.

4. You’ll be a role model for your children

If you have children, you might be worried that returning to study will leave them feeling neglected. In reality, they will probably admire your motivation. You’ll lead by example and show them it’s never too late to follow your dreams. Who knows, you might even inspire them to study too! This happened to one Study From Home graduate; mum Robyn Hicks studied travel and tourism and now both of her daughters are following in her footsteps.

5. Personal fulfilment will make you happier

There’s nothing quite as wonderful as the sense of achievement you feel when you graduate. Studying is not easy; it takes a lot of hard work and commitment. But the light at the end of the tunnel is increased personal fulfilment and overall happiness. You’ll never regret taking steps to follow your dreams.

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Leap Year Promo: Save 50% on all ITC Online Training short courses

Posted on 03/02/2016 by
Leap into airline, travel and tourism by taking an ITC Online Training short course! To celebrate 2016 being a leap year, all courses are 50% off until February 29.

Leap into airline, travel and tourism by taking an ITC Online Training short course! To celebrate 2016 being a leap year, all courses are 50% off until February 29.

Would you like to study airline, travel or tourism, but are currently unable to commit to a full-time course? ITC Online Training could be the solution you’re looking for. This interactive learning platform offers several online courses with prices starting from just $19.

To celebrate 2016 being a Leap Year, we’ve discounted ALL ITC Online Training short courses by 50 per cent. This could be the perfect time to leap into the tourism industry!

You can purchase as many courses as you like and enjoy this half-price discount. All you need to do is enter the promo code ‘promofeb2016’ at the checkout. This offer runs from February 1-29, so you have plenty of time to make the most of these affordable prices and learn a new skill.

Are you ready to take the leap?

About ITC Online Training

Unlike full-time courses which are taught by tutors and have regular assessments – and usually require at least a six month commitment – ITC Online Training courses can take as little as 20 hours to complete.

When you purchase an ITC Online Training course, you will have access to specialised information about airline, travel or tourism. You can then test your knowledge by taking interactive quizzes. The courses are intended to provide you with an introduction to the industry.

ITC Online Training offers courses in the following subjects:

Ground Handling and Airport Crew
Do you dream of working at an airport? This course will teach you about what it’s like to work at the check-in counter, an airline’s customer service desk or in customs/immigration. Buy now.

Cabin Crew
Would you love to work as a flight attendant? Discover everything you need to know about this exciting career choice. Buy now.

Careers in Tourism and Travel
If you’re thinking about a career in tourism and travel, but you’re still not sure this is the path for you, this course will help you decide. A great introduction to this industry, the course covers topics such as domestic and international tourism, tour guiding, working in a travel agency and more. Buy now.

Selling Skills
Sales is a large part of many travel and tourism jobs. Whether you’re selling holidays, accommodation or activities, it helps to have a few selling skills up your sleeve! This course will help you sell with confidence. Buy now.

Working on Cruise Ships
A job on a cruise ship is a wonderful way to see the world, meet new people and get some amazing experience for your CV. This cruise online training course will teach you what it’s like to work at sea. Buy now.

Winning with Customers
The tourism industry is all about helping people have an amazing holiday – so it goes without saying that you have to be great with customers. Fortunately, this is a skill that can be learned! This course will teach you how to wow your customers with amazing service. Buy now.

Tour Guiding
Working as a tour guide is definitely a lot of fun! You get to show people around and help them have a great time. Take this course and learn if you have what it takes to be an amazing guide. Buy now.

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Earn while you study: part-time job ideas for distance learning students

Posted on 27/01/2016 by
Add caption

A part-time job can provide you with valuable experience and some extra cash while you study. Even better if it’s within biking distance of your home!

Would you like to earn some money while you study? Getting a part-time job can be an excellent way to boost your bank account and gain some valuable work experience.

As long as your job doesn’t interfere with your studies (achieving your travel and tourism qualification should always come first), working is a great opportunity to meet new friends, improve your self-confidence and add some skills to your CV.

Below are some job ideas that could fit perfectly with your distance learning lifestyle.


Although it can be irregular, casual work suits many students because it’s so flexible – you can often make it fit around your studies, and reduce the number of hours you work when you’ve got large assignments.

Mystery shopper

As a mystery shopper, it’s your job to pose as a regular customer in a store and then rate your experience afterwards. You’ll provide detailed feedback about your shopping experience, which the company can then use to improve customer service moving forward. There are several mystery shopping businesses in New Zealand – a quick Google search will bring up several possibilities.


If you’re responsible, reliable and great with kids then you could find work as a babysitter in your local community. Babysitting hours often fall in the evening or on weekends, freeing up plenty of time for you to study throughout the week. You can also get some study done when the kids go to bed.

Dog walking

Many dog owners lead busy lifestyles and don’t have time to walk their pups. You could make their lives easier by offering to walk and play with their dogs a few times a week. This is a great way to keep fit, get outside and make some furry friends!

Gardening and DIY

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and consider yourself a bit of a DIYer, you might find some casual gardening or household work with friends or family. From mowing lawns to helping out in the garden, there’s endless opportunities to lend a hand.


Having set hours each week can make managing your finances much easier, especially if you have to pay rent and make regular bill payments. Here are some part-time jobs that suit students.

Office assistant

If you have great admin skills, a warm personality and a motivation to learn, you could make a great office assistant for a local company. It would be best if you could work in a travel or tourism business, as this would be a chance to learn the ropes and get involved in the industry. Perhaps you could drop your CV into local companies and offer to come in for a few days of work experience to see how you go.

Retail work

Love shopping? Great with people? You could work part-time as a retail assistant in a clothes store, gift shop or alike. These jobs will teach you how to deliver excellent customer service, as well as important cash-handling and stock management skills – all valuable experience for the tourism industry.

Supermarket assistant

Working at your local supermarket is a good introduction to the world of customer service, plus you could get to know some of your community. This is a great place to start if you don’t have any work experience and are looking to build up your CV.

Café assistant

The hospitality and tourism sector are closely linked. If you love the buzz of working in a cafe, chances are you’ll love the fast-paced tourism industry. Gaining some experience in a restaurant, hotel or food chain will likely help you get a foot in the door in a travel or tourism role once you’ve graduated.

Do you have a part-time job?

Are you juggling part-time work and part-time study? Do you have any advice to share with our community? Comment below with your experience!

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A family affair: ITC graduate inspires daughters to study tourism

Posted on 09/12/2015 by
Robyn Hicks and her daughters Chelsea and Katharine have all studied tourism with ITC via distance learning.

Robyn Hicks and daughters Chelsea and Katharine studied tourism with ITC via distance learning.

Passion for travel and tourism runs strong in the Hicks family. When mum Robyn enrolled in a course at the International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC), little did she know she would soon inspire her daughters to do the same.

Fast forward a few years, and now Robyn’s two daughters, Chelsea and Katharine, are both well on their way to completing the New Zealand Certificate in Tourism Level 3 through ITC’s distance learning arm, Study From Home.


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The top three benefits of distance learning

Posted on 20/05/2015 by
One of the best things about distance learning is the ability to study from anywhere. Study from home one day, work in a cafe the next - the choice is yours.

One of the best things about distance learning is the ability to study from anywhere. Study from home one day, work in a cafe the next – the choice is yours.

What makes distance learning such a great choice? Here are the top three benefits of studying from home.

1. Flexibility

Don’t want to come to class every day? More of a night owl than a morning person? Wish you could just write your assignments at home in your pajamas? Distance learning offers this level of flexibility, allowing you to choose when you want to study, and where.

As long as you put in the required number of hours of study per week, you are free to manage your time as you see fit. And if that means working from the comfort of your couch next to your cat, who are we to judge?


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Five myths about distance learning (and why you should ignore them)

Posted on 29/04/2015 by
Sorry to disappoint, but there's more to distance learning than studying in your pajamas with your cat. We bust some common distance learning myths

Sorry to disappoint, but there’s more to distance learning than studying in your pajamas with your cat (although this is a great bonus!) Photo credit: Luke Redmond // Flickr Creative Commons

Thinking about studying from home? A quick Google search of ‘distance learning’ will provide you with plenty of information about this study option, but there may be a few myths lurking among the helpful advice.

We’re here to help clarify any confusion. Here are five common myths about distance learning (and why you should ignore them).


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Is studying from home right for you?

Posted on 26/02/2015 by
ITC's Study From Home option suits many people from different circumstances. Read on to find out if it could be an option for you

ITC’s Study From Home option suits many people from different circumstances. Read on to find out if it could be an option for you

Studying from home, otherwise known as online learning or distance learning, is an excellent option for people who want a great qualification but cannot attend regular on-campus classes.

At the International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC), we offer the option to study four excellent courses from home. That means you can gain an airline, travel and tourism qualification from anywhere in New Zealand!

Are you thinking about studying from home, but are unsure if this is the right decision for you?


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ITC Launches Online

Posted on 14/01/2015 by
ITC now offers a range of online courses

ITC now offers a range of online courses

On Thursday 7 August the International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) officially launched its new online learning programmes.

ITC staff and industry members gathered at ITC’s city campus for the event. Distance Learning Programme Manager Carla Sutton introduced the online courses, thanking the staff involved in creating the courses, and the industry contacts who had provided valuable feedback during their development. Carla gave special mention to Karen Houston of Training & People Development Specialists, who had written the course material.

The courses – which cover cabin crew, ground crew, tour guide, and cruise staff training, customer service, sales skills, and careers in travel and tourism – are wide-ranging in their application.

As well as providing a cost- and time-effective way for those in the industry wanting to upskill and employers wanting to provide professional development for their staff, Carla also spoke about the positive impact they will provide for secondary school students.

“Many students don’t know what they want to do when they leave school; and our school contacts have expressed concern about how to keep students at school in their final high school years. These programmes will give them a taste of the exciting travel and tourism industry and we aim to engage their interest in undertaking further study.”

The accessibility of the courses, which are available on any PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone, is one of their key benefits. Carla spoke about students being able to do lessons on the bus on the way home from school or work, undertaking stop-and-think exercises in their lunch time or connecting with their peers on the forums in the evenings.

Wendy Iceton showing on an ipad how flexible the courses are.

Wendy Iceton showing on an ipad how flexible the courses are.

Each course has a Bronze, Silver and Gold level, with Bronze providing basic course lessons and the Silver and Gold levels offering more personalised study and assessment. Gold students will have access to tutors and other students through online forums. Students who complete the Silver and Gold levels will also receive a Certificate of Completion.

A fourth Platinum option is available for customers who want to tailor the online training to their own business. This option provides flexibility in terms of branding, reporting, additional workshops and one-on-one sessions and will allow travel and tourism operators to provide highly relevant professional development to their staff.

It was clear from the evening’s presentation that a great deal of time, care and consideration has gone into developing these new programmes to meet the needs of the wide range of people interested in travel and tourism. And there is plenty more to come. Guests were asked for ideas on what other courses would be valuable for the industry and course writer Karen Houston promised she had plenty of new ideas as well.

Watch this space:

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ITC Graduate Fulfils a Dream

Posted on 24/07/2014 by
Crystal (far right) now working for an airline, thanks to ITC and the training she had via her Distance Learning course.

Crystal (far right) now working for an airline, thanks to ITC and the training she had via her Distance Learning course.

Crystal Coates completed ITC’s National Certificate in Tourism Core Skills (level 3) in 2013. Immediately afterwards, she enrolled in our level 3 Aviation course. Crystal decided to study through ITC’s Distance Learning, as she was employed full time as a retail store manager. She proved to be an outstanding student.

In March 2014, Crystal had the opportunity to join the training programme with Jetstar.

“Ground school was quite intense, so much to take in in such a short time. Exams… oh my goodness! But I passed them all and the practicals as well” says Crystal.

Being offered a job as a flight attendant with Jetstar was a dream come true.

“I’m loving it! The crew have all been welcoming and helpful. The hours at first were a little tough, but I’m getting used to them now; waking up at 3-4am is the norm. I’ve set an early preference so I can be home with my family in the afternoon and evening. It has definitely been very different to anything I’ve done but that has been great.”

Auckland-based crew at Jetstar fly domestically and trans-Tasman, which means Crystal has flown to Christchurch, Wellington, Queenstown, Dunedin, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

“I hope to be sent to Christchurch one day to work a Fiji flight,” she says.

Jetstar’s crew is made up people of all ages. “Many different cultures as well which is nice,” says Crystal.

Crystal is thrilled she started on this new career path with ITC and says she only wished she had given it a go earlier.

“I’m so glad I’ve finally fulfilled a dream to become a flight attendant. Thank you for the support and encouragement while I was studying with ITC!”

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Getting career confidence back with ITC

Posted on 20/02/2014 by
Study From Home workshop

Study From Home students participate in a face-to-face workshop

Every year many students complete one of ITC’s distance online learning (DOL) courses for the travel, tourism and aviation industries. Gaining the confidence to get out and apply for jobs can be tough, so we make career preparation an important focus of the course.

More than half of our DOL students study from home because they are looking after young children. After a few years staying at home, many lose confidence in their employment prospects.

DOL graduate Lynda says, “I felt like I had had so much time off that I had become a recluse and didn’t know how to be in the public eye anymore or approach customers with confidence. I even thought I would forget everything I had learnt in previous employment.”

Another graduate Margaret adds: “I didn’t apply for a job for months after completing my course, as I thought they would decline my application as I had not been in the work force for so long.”

Many parents want to take care of their child at home. But DOL graduate Hazel found that getting out there had a positive impact on both her and her child. “Getting a job meant I could earn much more money to support myself and my child, while also gaining a social life outside of our house. I think many single mothers don’t want to send their child to childcare so soon. It seems hard at first but you and your child will adapt,” she says.

Lynda says that the ITC course helped her a great deal. “Training with ITC contributed a lot to gaining my confidence back. Having the phone assessments and orientation, and even graduation, and being amongst other people was a boost. With anticipation I wanted to get back into the work force and show off some recapped skills,” she says.

Lynda is also an advocate of gaining work experience while you study and says that having a part-time, casual job gave her a big confidence boost.

Margaret found that getting out there and applying for jobs was a useful learning experience in itself. “I wasn’t successful in my first application. I didn’t let that get me down: I used it as a learning curve. I took out my ITC notes on career preparation to make sure I was ready. For my next application, I knew exactly what I was going to say to any question asked, and was able to reply back in full confidence.”

Margaret now works for the call centre at Qantas Airways, Lynda is working for Flight Centre in Perth (WA) and Hazel works at Auckland Airport for Menzies Aviation.

As Margaret says: “Don’t let fear get in the way of your dreams. If you prepare for your interview, all will fall into place and your dreams will come true!”

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Are you ready to fly high?

Posted on 19/11/2013 by
ITC distance learning students attending workshops, helping them achieve their goals

ITC distance learning students attending workshops, helping them achieve their goals

The International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) offers travel, tourism, and airline courses, and we work hard to get our graduates jobs in those industries. We want them all to fly high with their career, life and goals!

ITC offers its courses on campus and by distance online learning. If you are at home with young children, live too far from a campus, or you work and cannot attend daily classes, then distance online learning would be an ideal option for you.

These courses include all the learning resources, tutorial support, online communication and assessments you will need. You will be part of a class with fellow distance learning students from all around the country.

There are only two workshops to attend: Orientation Day, where you will get to meet your classmates, and the Customer Service workshop later in the course. Both workshops are at our Auckland campuses. This is what one of our graduates has to say about studying with ITC: “I want to say thank you to ITC for helping me get to my dream job.  Doing the ITC course has really paid off and now I wake up every morning excited about going to work. Words cannot express my gratitude.”

ITC has been a premium supplier in the airline, airport and travel and tourism industries for over 16 years. The college has strong connections in those industries and focuses on making its training relevant to employers. We also offer a job placement service to assist you in finding a job in travel, tourism or aviation!

Find out how you can launch your career by phoning the ITC team now on 0800 868 747, or check our website and enquiry online.

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ITC to offer Aviation Course via Distance Learning

Posted on 20/05/2013 by
ITC launches Aviation via distance learning

Aviation, one of the most popular ITC courses, is now available via distance learning

The level 3 course will be titled the National Certificate in Aviation Core Skills and will prepare students for entry level jobs in the aviation and travel industries. Its particular focus is on students who want to work for an airline or airport.

ITC has been a premium supplier of full-time and part-time training programmes for the airline, travel and tourism industries since 1996, and has campuses in Botany and central Auckland. Since 2006 the college has also offered a number of its courses via distance learning.

“There are many people in New Zealand who are unable to come to on-campus classes,” says Carla Sutton, ITC’s Distance Learning Programme Manager. “The reasons vary from having young children to other study or work to living far away from a campus.”

Students of the new aviation course will be able to choose between a 25-week full-time course and a 49-week part-time course.

“It’s not always easy for people to fit study into a life that is already busy with other commitments,” says Carla. “So we provide specific options and support wherever we can to help our distance students succeed.”

And ITC’s students agree that it all makes a difference.

“I thought it was going to be difficult, as I am also studying at university and looking after my son, but with the help and support from fellow students and ITC, I DID IT!” says graduate Caroline.

And Sarah says: “I have had so many changes and challenges over the last 6 months, and having study on top of it all seemed to be too much at times, but all your kind words and listening ears have made what seemed impossible very possible and easy.”

As with other ITC courses, students are given advice and help to create a CV that puts their best foot forward and highlights their particular strengths. And distance learning support staff put the students through a practice interview to help prepare them for real-world interviews and boost their confidence.

ITC graduate Carla recently got a job at Menzies Aviation: “This is exactly what I want to do and I cannot believe it,” she says. “It is really happening for me! Thank you so much for your wonderful teaching and the time and effort that you have invested in me. You have no idea how much it really means to me.” “That’s what it’s all about for us,” says Carla Sutton. “Knowing that we have made a genuine difference in helping someone to change their life and achieve their dreams. We are really looking forward to being able to offer the aviation course to people who want to work in this exciting field.”

For more information, please email or or check

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ITC’s Distance and Online Learning Creates “Memories for Life”

Posted on 04/03/2013 by

Study From Home graduate Anita van der Mespel recently started the job of her dreams at American Express

The International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC) has been a premium supplier of full-time and part-time training programmes for the airline, travel and tourism industries since 1996, and has campuses in Botany and central Auckland.

Since 2006, ITC has offered several of its courses via and distance and online learning (DOL).  ITC DOL graduate Anita van der Mespel recently achieved her goal of entering the travel and tourism industry with a position at American Express.

“Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me to get me to this place,” says Anita. “You have been truly amazing!”

Anita says that her time with ITC has “created memories that will stick with me for life. I’ve loved my time with you, right from the phone interview at the very beginning!”

“That’s such a wonderful thing to hear,” says ITC’s Marketing Director Claire Huxley. “One of ITC’s strongest features is its sense of being one big family – we really mean that – all the staff know the students by name and we have a huge range of activities that include our on-campus students.

“It’s important to us that our distance and online students feel that same sense of community and connection to the college.”

Many of the DOL courses have on-campus components, such as the Customer Service Workshop run in February this year.

Chantell Awheto attended the workshop and says she had “an awesome time”.

“It was nice to finally meet everyone,” she says. “The hard part is over – graduation, here we come! I look forward to seeing you all there.”

“The workshops give the students a chance to meet each other and their tutors face to face and have some fun in the campus environment,” says Claire. “Learning via distance has many advantages, but it can be isolating. It boosts the students’ confidence when they get together and see how much they have learnt.”

ITC also ensures that its DOL students are included in its prize giving and recognition of special achievements.

“Many of our off-campus students are working and caring for family members as well as studying,” says Claire. “It takes a lot of commitment to remain motivated and connected with your studies when you are not physically surrounded by others who are studying.”

One student who shows such commitment is Greg Bellett, who recently received a Spot Prize for Excellence.
Greg says: “I’m absolutely delighted and humbled to receive such an award. Too much! I’m sure you could have awarded it to any number of hardworking students in any number of classes. I’m enjoying my studies immensely and thank you for your guidance and support.”
“This is our seventh year of offering distance learning,” says Claire, “and its appeal is growing. It allows more people the freedom to upskill in a flexible and supportive environment. We hope it also encourages lifelong learning, where following your interests and passions is an ongoing process.”

Perhaps the best endorsement of that comes from Anita: “I have enjoyed it so much! Should I ever study again, I hope it is with ITC.”

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