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Meet the graduate who didn’t let a full-time job stop her from earning a valuable qualification

Posted on 21/11/2023 by

Study From Home graduate Cheytarna worked full-time during her studies, and is now working her dream role in aviation!

One of the best parts of learning with Study From Home is the ability to juggle an education with other major life commitments. Cheytarna Scott, a recent Study From Home graduate, is walking proof of just how much you can accomplish even with a full-time job.

Cheytarna worked full time and supported her grandparents while studying for a level 3 Certificate in Aviation. Today, her hard work has paid off, as she is working her dream job as a Flight Attendant.

We spoke to Cheytarna to learn more about why she signed up, how she found the experience of studying with us, and what she’s up to now.

How did your adventure begin with us at ITC?

I always wanted to study Aviation, Travel & Tourism, but I was not able to study full-time, especially without a full-time employee income. When I found ITC Study From Home I was excited and could not wait to touch base with the team.

After speaking with Richard, I was reassured that I was making the right decision to study with ITC, especially because I could still work full-time and support my grandparents whilst gaining my certificates.

What do you think ITC does different from other education providers?

Having the opportunity to study from home is a stand out for me! I love the fact that the course content is the same as an in-house course, so you know that you are not missing out on any learning opportunities.

I love that we are able to earn an income without sacrificing the need for knowledge, which can be used for career progression. The study-from-home team are supportive & gives you the information you need, just like you would receive studying in class.

What is your fondest memory of your time with Study From Home?

The best part of my journey as a Study-from-home student was the bond I made with all my tutors. They really did make my learning journey seamless & helped me to realise the potential I have. They inspired my love even more for the industry!

My real standout memory was gaining my Certificate in Aviation Level 3 with Distinction & getting Student of the year in 2018! 2018 was a real hard year for me personally and with the support of the tutors I was astounded to be awarded these.

What is your current adventure after ITC?

My current adventure in my career is being a Short Haul Flight Attendant – something that was just a dream over a year ago! My current adventure in my education is to study and complete my Diploma in Travel Level 5 with ITC Study from Home.

What will a typical day look like for you on this adventure?

As a flight attendant, a typical day starts off by heading to the airport. I fly both domestically and internationally, so depending on where I am heading that day, depends on where and how I prepare for my day.

Generally, I will meet up with my crew at the gate, we will have a briefing discussing our flight information and discuss any special requirements needing to be addressed. We will head to the aircraft, do our procedural checks and then welcome passengers.

Depending on the final destination, we will be preparing for a full service (including meals) or a domestic service (drinks and snacks). As a flight attendant, I am there to ensure the safety of the passengers, to make sure they are comfortable throughout the flight and to ensure that we all adhere to the policies and procedures to keep us safe and well.

How did ITC prepare or support you for this?

The units that I studied with ITC gave me an insight into how procedures are done and the importance of particular policies within the industry are upheld. The customer service aspect of the learning gave me insight into how to deal with people, especially difficult passengers.

Learning destination information – like airport and area codes – helped me to identify where I will be travelling to, or even to help customers (& other staff). I was given the skills and knowledge to understand Aviation security and the reason why it is strictly adhered to.

Learning about the different areas in the airport has highlighted the importance of how we must work as a team to make sure that the process is smooth and no mistakes are made.

What are you excited most about your journey from here?

I am excited to continue my studies in the Diploma in Travel Level 5. I am excited to further my education and dive deeper into the industry.

I am hoping to be able to further my skills and knowledge to aid in becoming a trainer/teacher. I would love to share my knowledge and inspire the next generation of students.

What advice do you have for others wanting to study tourism?

Just do it! The tourism, travel and aviation industry is booming (always has been) and it is so diverse, that there is a spot for each and every one of us. Once you have this industry in your blood, it is hard to shake! Be prepared to work hard and reap your rewards!

Study From Home on your own terms like Cheytarna

Cheytarna’s story is a shining example of someone who is passionate and driven. Despite being unable to study at a traditional in-person tertiary qualification, Cheytarna completed her level 3 qualification not just with Distinction, but as the Student of the Year!

If you’re working full time, caring for family, or have other commitments – you can still earn a valuable qualification! And the team at Study From Home would be right here to support you every step of the way.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can study from the comfort of your own home at times that suit your lifestyle.

Study From Home – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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Air New Zealand snapping up ITC graduates

Posted on 12/10/2022 by

Ruby Cowie is one of several Study From Home graduates that Air New Zealand has hired recently.

As the New Zealand travel and tourism industry gears up for a very busy summer season ahead, we’re seeing our ITC graduates get snapped up by employers practically as they walk out the door from their graduation ceremony. Many before they graduate.

One of those employers is Air New Zealand, which is quickly hiring and training staff across their operations all over the country. We are fortunate to be recognised as a preferred provider for many airlines and tourism organisations. Our highly skilled graduates are sought after by the industry.

For us, these job offers are hugely exciting, as many of our graduates begin studying with us with the goal of working for this renowned and award-winning airline. To see students land their dream jobs immediately is everything we could hope for as an education provider.

One of these graduates is Ruby Cowie, a Study From Home graduate who has been dreaming of working with Air New Zealand since she was 10 years old. We reached out to Ruby to have a quick chat about the application process and her advice for other students.

How do you feel your qualifications with ITC prepared you for this new role at Air NZ?

I feel that my qualifications with ITC prepared me for my new role with Air NZ by allowing me to have a lot more knowledge of an airport and cabin crew. It helped me feel much more confident when I applied for the role because I had a lot of more information and confidence behind me.

 When you first applied, what did you have to do?

When I first applied for the role I had to send through my CV and a cover letter and answer around 20/30 questions online about myself and about the role. From then I had to wait a few weeks to hear back if I got accepted to the next stage or not.

It must have felt amazing to have that positive reply after your initial application. What was the next step once you applied?

It was an amazing feeling to get told I passed through to the next stage, as it has been my dream career since I was 10 and I didn’t expect to get a job at only 21 years old.

The next steps was: I had to do a digital online interview (due to covid) with a cabin crew/ Air NZ manager. It was about a 30-40 minute interview where I got asked some behavioural and psychological questions, and also some questions about myself and what I want from the job for them to get to know me and how I think.

After my Interview I got told it would take up to 7 days to hear back if I’d been accepted to the next stage, however I was lucky enough I got a call back within 20 mins to say I had been accepted to the next stage. This stage was called the “vetting stage”, which was all the nitty gritty things. Firstly I had to complete an online cognitive and maths test, so basically brain testers and English etc to see how my brain works. From then I did a medical test, a swim test, a hearing and physical, an eye test, a criminal test check, a reference check, and a few other bits and bobs.

From there if you are successful you get offered a job and put into the next available or suitable intake for you. I am starting my job after my wedding in Nov 2022, so around mid-October they will fly me up to Auckland to get a uniform fitting and grooming information. From there you will get a starting date where you will do 4 weeks intensive ground training and then you have final exams.

Once you complete and pass your final exams you will be a qualified Air New Zealand flight attendant. Then you will be ready to fly on the planes!

 Would you have any words of wisdom or tips for others at the application stage?

My tips would be to be yourself, don’t try to be who you think Air NZ wants. Be you.

How did they tell you that you got the job?

I got a phone call and a confirmation email.

 What are you looking forward to the most with your training?

I am most looking forward to meeting lots of new friends and sliding down the emergency slide off the plane.

I certainly couldn’t of done it with the help of ITC. They made me build some extreme confidence and made me feel extremely proud of who I am and what I want to do. I highly recommend ITC, I did Study From Home so it was extremely flexible for me as I worked full time so I could still earn money and study at the same time.

Want to be the next Air New Zealand hire?

ITC and Study From Home are trusted providers for travel and tourism qualifications in New Zealand, which is why many employers love receiving applications from our graduates. If you have a dream to work in the industry, our qualifications can help you take that first important step with a valuable certification.

Don’t hesitate to explore our course options or get in touch to find out more.

Study From Home – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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Catching up with Rhiannon Cribb: From graduation to employment with Air NZ

Posted on 16/06/2022 by

We catch up with Study From Home graduate Rhiannon Cribb, seen here on holiday at the Santa Monica Pier in the US.

Last year we introduced Rhiannon Cribb, the lovely Study From Home student who completed her qualifications while travelling around New Zealand.

We recently learned Rhiannon had secured a cabin crew role with Air New Zealand, and we couldn’t be more excited for her to land such a perfect job for someone who loves to travel so much.

When we asked how she found the job, she mentioned that while she had checked the ITC Careers page, she was committed to finding a role with Air New Zealand, so refreshed their careers website every night!

This page is a dedicated page just for ITC graduates and current students. It’s their one stop shop to finding a job they want during or after they finish their studies.

Here’s Rhiannon’s story!

Can you tell us the story of how you got the job at Air NZ?

Getting the job at Air New Zealand was tough and nerve wracking! I did my first application, and waited about the month to hear back, and then did two interviews!! The waiting period was the hardest. I spoke a lot about working in a team but being able to think fast and make critical decisions quickly by myself.

ITC takes pride in preparing students for interviews and are always there to support graduates if they need it during application stages.

Which parts of your time at ITC were most helpful in getting the job?

The role plays were perfect for gaining confidence. If you are not confident in what you’re doing, It’ll be hard for you if there is an emergency!!

ITC has an Airport Training Centre so that students do role plays in an Aircraft Cabin or at a Check-In Counter. This makes the experience authentic and prepares them for real life scenarios.

What are you most looking forward to once you get started?

I’m looking forward to seeing places I’ve never seen before and probably wouldn’t think to go!

When students do ITC’s level 4 Certificate, they start to explore destinations around the world an some of the highlights to see as a visitor. This means they can advise customers they speak to appropriately and also look forward to visiting these amazing places as a tourist themselves!

Do you plan to continue your travels whenever you’ve got the time? Where’s on the list?

Yes definitely! My next trip is planned for USA! Then Bali hopefully next year!

Rhiannon is the perfect example of someone who simply loves to travel, and wanted to turn that passion into a career – and now she has! Her Study From Home qualification (that she earned while travelling) helped her to get an amazing position with Air New Zealand.

If you’d like to create a career out of your love for travel, get in touch with us today to find out more about our distance learning qualifications.

Study From Home – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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