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Student Feedback

We value feedback and are constantly asking students how we can improve their experience at the College. Fortunately, the feedback we receive is really encouraging. Students regularly tell us that they love being at the College, enjoy their course, learn a lot and that studying with us is everything we promised it would be!

Cheytarna Scott

“I want to send a hug thank you to each one of you for assisting me through this learning adventure.  I have enjoyed every single minute, unit & challenge set before me & have a great sense of accomplishment after completing the last evaluation.  I appreciate each of your words of wisdom, guidance & undivided support.  I believe I couldn’t have done this any better without you & am very grateful to have your full support behind me every step of the way.  Communication was so easy, the website was accessible & easy to navigate through & the units are jam packed full of useful knowledge & tips that I have taken on board.  Even the support of my new adventure with Flight Centre is amazing! So again THANK YOU team.  I can’t wait for graduation & also to start my level 4 certificate.”

Leeah Wilkinson

“I am so thankful for the course, because in 3 short weeks I am about to jet off  to America and join a ship as a crew member on the Disney cruise line ship ‘Disney Wonder’ as a youth activities counselor. This has always been my dream and without the college and their support I could never have imagined only graduating in 2017 and getting an awesome job in 2018.”

Crystal Coates

“I’m working with Jetstar and loving it!! So glad I’ve finally fulfilled a dream to become a flight attendant.  Thank you for the support and encouragement while I was studying at ITC.”

Sarah Neve

“I don’t really want to be writing this already, the course has gone by so fast and I can’t believe it’s already over! I have enjoyed it so much, absolutely loved being able to study at home and always knew that the tutors were there for help and support- you guys are amazing. It was great to be able to meet some of our fellow distance learners at the two workshops. This is definitely not the end. I’ll still very much be in contact with ITC and our tutors. It’s time to take that big step into looking for a career! For now I am off to the USA for a quick break, and will be back all ready to jump into the world of travel and tourism!”

Gemma Delia

“I have now concluded my training with ITC for the tourism certificate. Just wanted to say a huge thank you again to all 3 of you for all you have done for me this year. I really wouldn’t be where I am today without you.”

Racheal Mcllroy

Now working at ‘You Travel’ – “I can’t thank you guys enough for helping me get into this position, my only regret is not going to ITC sooner.”

Adrian Bunn

“ITC has been an outstanding place to study distance learning, I thank you and the team at ITC for everything.”

Maria Omeli

“I must admit this course challenged me in ways of my capabilities and how far my determination will go. Thank you so much Ali for your support and guidance throughout my journey. Your faith and confidence in me is what increased my motivation to complete my course until the end. Also thank you to the online team and the ITC staff yes including Evelyn (the receptionist) for being so polite and patient with me.”