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Study tourism for an exciting future

Posted on 15/02/2017 by

Want your career to make you feel like this? Study tourism from home with the International Travel College of New Zealand.

Imagine your life ten years from now. What do you see? Where do you live? What kind of job do you have?

If you dream of an exciting, rewarding career, then a job in New Zealand’s tourism industry could be perfect for you.

The tourism industry is booming. Last year, 3.5 million international visitors came to New Zealand – and whose job was it to show them our beautiful country? You guessed it: tourism workers.

With a qualification in airline, travel or tourism, you can be part of this fun industry and meet people from all around the world. Our graduates work as tour guides, travel agents, flight attendants, cruise ship workers, customs officers, and many more exciting roles.

It’s never too early to follow your dreams

Perhaps you’re thinking: “I’d love to work in tourism but now isn’t the right time” or “I’ll start my tourism career once my kids have gone to school”.

It’s natural to want to wait for the ‘perfect time’ to begin a new career. But it’s never too early to start studying towards a qualification.

Our part-time courses take nearly a year to complete, giving you plenty of time to prepare for a job in the industry.

Besides, you don’t have to apply for a job straightaway. Once you have your qualification, you can enter the workforce whenever you’re ready.

That’s what one Study From Home graduate, Lexi Hegh, decided to do. She was recently approached by Flight Centre to work as a travel consultant – but she decided to turn down the role to look after her new baby. But now she can enjoy motherhood with the peace of mind that there will be opportunities for her in the future.

“Unfortunately, because it’s 45 hours a week I won’t be taking it due to my dedication of being a stay at home mum for one year,” Lexi posted in the Study From Home students Facebook group.

“Thanks so much ITC for all of your help. Studying through you works!!”

Qualifications last forever

Just like Lexi, you might have other plans that overlap with your tourism ambitions. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait to get started.

Tourism qualifications last forever. Once you have put in the hard work and achieved a qualification, it will open doors for you for years to come.

Start studying today so you can enjoy a brighter future. Tomorrow always comes quicker than you think.

Study From Home is enrolling now for 2017. Contact us today to find out how we can help you kickstart your airline, travel and tourism career.

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