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Study tip: Pretend to be a teacher

Posted on 12/09/2018 by

Teaching someone about a topic is one of the best ways to further your understanding.

Did you know that pretending to be a teacher could help you ace your assignments?

Imagine you have to teach someone about the topic you’re studying. Could you explain the concept to them in a clear, concise way? If you can, that means you have a strong understanding of the topic.

This study approach is called the Feynman Technique, named after a Nobel-prize-winning physicist called Richard Feynman who was famous for being able to explain complex concepts in plain language.

The idea is that it’s only possible to explain something if you truly understand it.

Here are some other ways pretending to be a teacher can help you with your studies:

  • Talking out loud helps you retain information for longer

  • Talking confidently about a topic is good practice for job interviews

  • Explaining concepts to a friend or family member will generate discussion and bring up ideas you hadn’t considered before

  • Talking about a topic reminds you of why you’re passionate about it and find it interesting (you’ll probably find you could talk about travel for hours!)

If this study tip appeals to you, why not pair up with a classmate from your Study From Home course and take turns explaining concepts to each other over the phone or via Skype?

You’ll learn a lot and it’s a great opportunity to get to know your classmates (we know distance learning can feel isolating sometimes).

You could also explain travel and tourism topics to your friends, family members, or even make conversation with your local barista – who knows, they might be interested in the tourism industry? It is booming, after all!

Next time you’re struggling with a topic, just remember: pretend you’re a teacher. It will help you think about the topic in a completely different way. Good luck! 

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