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Study from home tip: Stay curious

Posted on 12/10/2016 by
One of the best things you can do to succeed at distance learning is to stay curious and open to new knowledge.

The travel industry is vibrant and ever-changing. Stay curious and open to new knowledge, and you will go far.

Welcome to Part 6 of our six-part series ‘Becoming a Successful Distance Learner’. Every week, we share one practical tip to help you excel at your studies. This is the last tip in the series – be sure to check out the five other tips (see the end of this article for links).

We’ve written about the importance of getting organised, building a support network, improving your reading and writing skills, and becoming a great communicator, but this week’s tip is a little different. It can be applied not just to studying from home, but to your life in general.

If you remember anything from this six-part series, remember these two words: stay curious.

By this we mean: remain open-minded about all the things you don’t know. Ask questions. Soak up knowledge like a sponge. Listen to your tutors and peers and be interested in what they have to say. Cultivating curiosity will help you learn and ensure you remain interested in your coursework.

But you don’t just have to be curious about your studies. It’s also a good idea to be curious about the travel industry in general. Be on the alert for opportunities to widen and enhance your learning experience. For example, read the travel section in newspapers, borrow travel magazines from the library, or keep an eye out for travel-related TV programmes and documentaries.

Believe it or not, SKY TV is actually a superb source of travel information – as long as it doesn’t interrupt your study schedule! The Discovery Channel often has excellent travel shows, and CNN covers the world news in detail.

The good news is, it shouldn’t be difficult to “stay curious” – the travel industry is vibrant and ever-changing. There’s always something new to learn or observe. Anyone who dreams of working in this industry must be ‘up with the play’ on a daily basis.

What are your favourite sources of travel information and inspiration? Share in the comments below :)

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