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Study From Home survey shows what students really think of us!

Posted on 02/08/2023 by

Our latest survey shows just how much students love Study From Home!

As an online study platform, it’s incredibly important for us to touch base with students and graduate to get feedback on our courses, tutors, support system, online learning platform, and everything in between.

Since we’re not interacting in a classroom every day, we therefore take regular surveys to garner feedback and see what students think of us.

Here are some of the questions we asked, and some of the responses we got!

Why did you choose Study From Home?

Because I like to do it in my own time and I can learner faster alone.”

“Because I still wanted to work full time and there also wasn’t a base in Christchurch.”

“I’ve read good things about the courses and from other people and it sounded like the best fit for me.”

“With two kids it worked well for me to manage stuff around and the support from study from home tutors had worked really good for me.”

What do you like about remote learning?

“It’s easier for me to study an learn alone cause I’m easily distracted when with other people. I can do things in my own time.”

“I liked it because it’s very flexible. For me it worked well because it still allowed me to work full time and then study in spare time that suited me.”

“Being able to work in my own time.”

“Because I work full time it allows me to do it after work and in my spare time.”

“Being able to study and take care of my son.”

“I’m able to study at my time and pace.”

Do you have any comments about Study From Home overall?

“The ITC team are amazing and very helpful.”

“I love study at home as a result I encourage all my friends to enrol now.”

“I’ve always had a good experience. This is my second year studying and everyone is always happy to help and is always quick with replying when you’re struggling with anything.”

“The amount that my tutors cared about my learning and how much they reminded me to communicate with them whenever I needed to helped me gain the motivation to try push through.”

Enrol today to study online at your own pace

At Study From Home, we work hard to provide top-quality qualifications and exceptional support for our students – all while they can study at home and at their own pace.

When you enrol, you become part of the family. So whether you’re a parent studying while raising kids, a full-time worker studying during nights and weekends, or someone who lives too far from campus to make the commute, you’ll have our full support throughout your qualifications and beyond.

Do a free trial online today to see what it would be like to work your way through the courses, or get in touch to find out more about what we offer and where our qualifications might take you.

Study From Home – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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