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Study From Home graduate Maria Vaifale shares her story

Posted on 19/07/2017 by

Studying from home with ITC allowed Maria, a single mother of three, to rediscover her love for the travel industry.

Every Study From Home student has their own unique story to tell. In this week’s blog post, recent graduate Maria Vaifale shares her special journey. From her very first tourism job to the moment she decided to study from home, Maria’s story is an inspiration to all.

“I knew a part of me was missing”

Maria, a Kiwi born Samoan, has always loved the travel industry. Her first job was as a Travel Consultant for AMA Travel in 1997. However, she gave up this job when she settled down and started a family.

It wasn’t until recently that Maria realised “a part of her was missing”. She realised that she still loved the travel industry and wanted to return to work in this sector.

“Despite all of the great jobs I had over the years (with awesome salaries), I knew a part of me was missing. I analysed my situation and automatically Travel Consultant came to my mind,” says Maria, who worked in sales for companies like Avis Rental Cars and NZ Post during her break from the travel industry.

“I knew I could be a Travel Consultant again as I had the experience and knowledge of the job itself. I also had support from friends who had faith in me, as they too were confident that I’d be able to restart this career.”

Maria started to look for correspondence courses so she could work around her kid’s school hours (she’s a single mother of three) when she came across Study From Home – and she hasn’t looked back.

“ITC radiated so much positive energy”

Maria says ITC’s website and student success stories inspired her to apply, and that she was even more impressed with the College when she attended the Study From Home Orientation Day.

“There was so much positive energy in the atmosphere, not just from the tutors but also from the students. I was even more excited to commence my studies.”

“I enjoyed being able to complete the course at my own pace”

One of the main reasons many people choose to study from home is flexibility. For Maria, this was a huge bonus.

“I also loved having the awesome online team supporting me all the way, whether via phone call or email,” says Maria.

She adds that she was especially grateful for their constant motivation and encouragement.

“I’m thankful to have had such empathetic tutors, who were not going to give up on me but walked with me through my journey. I enjoyed the service from ITC and will miss everyone.”

“Now I work for Tourism Holdings as a Booking Host”

After completing her Level 4 qualification, Maria was accepted to work for Tourism Holdings in Mangere as a Booking Host (Reservation Agent).

“This job works with clients from America, Europe, and Australia. I provide pre-travel and on-hire guidance and advice, as well as issue accurate quotations and bookings for car and motorhome rentals to domestic and international clients,” says Maria.

She hopes this role will get her one step closer to her dream job, which is to work as a Travel Consultant for Air New Zealand.

“Your tutors are there for you – to guide you and answer your questions”

Maria has plenty of advice for people who are considering studying from home.

“You need to be motivated, focused, and determined to persevere through the ups and downs of your course. Ask your tutors a lot of questions via phone or email. Don’t be shy, otherwise your question will never be answered. No question is stupid, so don’t doubt yourself,” says Maria.

“Also, set a time for you to study with no interruptions. Be consistent with your studies but also realistic. Remember why you’re doing the course and think of the end line, because that’s what you’re aiming for – to graduate!”

Her final words are if she can do it, anyone can.

“I am 40 years old and a single mother… if I can complete my Travel Level 4, so can you. Go for gold and all the best!”

Are you inspired by Maria’s story? Study From Home is enrolling now with courses starting on 21 August. It’s not too late to apply – get in touch today to register your interest.

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    I wish if I can study from for management course in this industry???

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    Am originally from Fiji interested to become a flight attendant. Would like to know the study cost and the duration of study online
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  3. Azaria says:

    Interested please give me detail.

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    What courses are on offer?

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