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New Zealand Certificate in Tourism with a strand in Aviation Level 3

Would you like to work at the airport? Or do you dream of becoming a Flight Attendant? This course will provide you with the right skills and knowledge to get an entry-level job in the aviation or travel industries.

The New Zealand Certificate in Tourism with a strand in Aviation Level 3 focuses specifically on aviation, with units in airport security, airline operations, passenger handling and aircraft types. You will also benefit from comprehensive cabin crew training through ITC’s Cabin Crew Online Course and gain exposure to some of the world’s leading online fares & ticketing and reservations systems, like Amadeus, or choose instead Ready to Check-in.

Even though you’ll be studying at home, this course includes a high level of practical activities, online communication, resources to fit different learning preferences and a high level of interaction with the Study from Home tutorial team – you’ll never feel isolated.

Entry requirements
  • Have achieved NCEA level 2 and/or
  • Be able to demonstrate suitable literacy and numeracy skills
Course features

ITC Study From Home courses are specifically designed to appeal to the learning styles of all learners by using a wide variety of resources and activities.

This course includes resources and activities such as:

  • Interactive video lessons
  • Downloadable subject workbooks
  • Quizzes
  • Problem-solving activities
  • Creative thinking activities
  • Online forum discussions
  • Research activities
  • Real world travel & tourism case study analysis
  • Written tutor feedback on activities and assessments
  • Verbal or video feedback on activities or assessments
ITC also operates a three-level approach to assist graduates to gain employment:
  1. All students are enrolled in our online Careers module which covers:
  • How to put together a professional CV
  • How to write an outstanding cover letter
  • Skills for interviews
  1. The Study From Home team is available to support students in all of these areas and act as a referee if required
  2. ITC has two employment consultants working to make students aware of all of the latest employment opportunities in the Travel & Tourism industries. Then to assist them through the recruitment process.

Note also that ITC graduates are offered LIFETIME assistance from our employment consultants and students are always welcome to ask for assistance even years later! Screen reader support enabled.


Learners are assessed in a range of methods including:

  • Open book written assessments (using a variety of question styles including short answer, multiple-choice, essay and matching)
  • Projects
  • Roleplays
  • Case Study analysis
  • Map work
  • A computer (desktop or laptop) or tablet with a keyboard Notebook/paper and pens
  • Distance learning through our online learning platform, ITC online Tutor and student interaction is part of the course via phone, live video classrooms and email
  • ITC offers a free 7 day trial of their online learning platform (ITC online) so that students can get a feel for what its like studying online and sample a few of the different types of resources and activities that they offer.
  • Communication Skills
  • Airport Environment
  • Workplace Skills
  • Business Functions
  • Aviation and Industry Operations
  • Career Development
  • Cabin Crew
Payment options
  • ITC offers support for all students regarding assistance with student loans, allowances and fees free applications

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Qualification Outcomes:
  • ITC Certificate in Aviation
  • ITC Ground Crew Online Certificate
  • New Zealand Certificate in Tourism with a strand in Aviation Level 3
Course Start Dates:
  • Start anytime!
Time to Complete:
  • 20 weeks full time (30 hours study time per week)
  • 40 weeks part-time (15 hours study time per week)
Course Fees:
  • Domestic: $5078
  • International: $5,500