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Study From Home appears on Good Morning

Posted on 12/02/2015 by
Mel, Aria, Claire, Melissa

From left to right: ITC Marketing Director Claire with Aria, Good Morning Advertorial Host Mel and Melissa

ITC Short Course Tutor Melissa Fey recently appeared on Good Morning to talk about the college’s exciting Study From Home programme.

Melissa appeared on camera alongside her six-year-old daughter Aria and answered questions about studying in the airline, travel and tourism industries.

In case you missed the show, here are some highlights.

So Melissa, tell us about the International Travel College. What qualifications do you provide?

ITC is an award-winning college that provides qualifications for people wanting to enter the airline, travel or tourism industries. We have a strong relationship with these industries and this helps us find great jobs for students after they finish studying.

So you actually help your students find work? What kind of jobs can they get after studying with the International Travel College?

Our graduates work as tour guides, travel agents, flight attendants, airport check-in agents, customs agents, bungy jump operators… the list goes on! Tourism is one of New Zealand’s largest industries and employs one in 10 people. We actually have employers asking us for applications for existing roles.

It sounds like a fantastic career choice! And can you study with the International Travel College from anywhere in New Zealand?

Yes, we have two campuses in Auckland (one in the city centre and one in Botany) but we also offer people the option to Study From Home. This means no matter where you are in New Zealand, you have the opportunity to gain a great qualification.

Why Study From Home? What are some of the benefits?

Studying From Home is perfect for people who want to get an education but for whatever reason cannot come to an Auckland campus. You might be a working parent, or juggling a few part-time jobs, or perhaps for financial reasons you have to work full-time but would like the option to study when it suits you. Or maybe you are in-between jobs and looking for something new to do.

Have you studied from home yourself Melissa?

Yes, last year I completed my teaching qualification from home while I was working full time at the International Travel College.

Do you have any advice for people wanting to Study From Home?

My advice would be – it may take time, it may be hard, but it will be more than worth it if it means you can find job security in a career you love. Why not wake up and look forward to going to work?

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