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Student interview: Savita Hira

Posted on 06/02/2019 by

Savita (centre) with her study mates Selina and Cathy.

Every month, we interview a Study From Home student (past or present) to provide insight on what it’s like to study travel and tourism from home with ITC.

This month, we spoke to Savita Hira, an exceptional student who recently completed the Level 3 New Zealand Certificate in Tourism.

Savita’s story is a special one, as despite studying from home she made some amazing friendships on this course. Savita, Cathy Puna, and Selina Bui formed a close bond and supported each other through the ups and downs of distance learning.

“Savita, Cathy, and Selina show it’s possible to make close friends and have genuine peer support while studying from home,” says SFH Team Leader Richard Euston.

“They are a great example of how distance learning can be just as enriching as on-campus learning,” Richard adds.

Here is Savita’s story, in her own words.

SFH: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Savita: I’m originally from India. New Zealand is my adopted country and I love to be a part of Kiwi culture.

What inspired you to Study From Home with ITC?

I work at the airport, where I meet, serve, and talk with many airline staff and am always inspired by them. I never stop dreaming about working in the tourism industry, so I began searching online for a correspondence course that would allow me to study from home without giving up my job. That’s when I found ITC and felt very excited about the possibilities.

What did you enjoy most about your course?

Every chapter I studied throughout the course caused my interest in the tourism industry to grow. For example, I learned about the rules and regulations of the airline industry and about various cultures and different meanings of gestures within those cultures. I also learned how to provide excellent customer service to passengers with special requirements, plus so much more.

And I was very lucky to have study mates, we have been supporting each other in our studies and it’s made our journey so enjoyable.

Do you have any advice for people thinking about studying at ITC?

I am already in my 50s and I used to think ‘it’s too late’ or ‘you do not have time’ with full-time work and family commitments. But I’m sure you can do it! In the end, I believe it’s worth it if it gives you the chance to achieve your dream job. You may find it difficult at the start but you can make minor sacrifices here and there and give yourself a shot.

Also, whenever you struggle to understand any topic, the tutor is just a phone call or an email away. The tutors have been very supportive right through our study and beyond.

Could you tell us more about the friends you made while studying from home?

I made two online study friends (Selina and Cathy). We had a quick chat at the end of the Orientation Day (at Botany Campus) and began chatting to each other via text messaging. Whenever we found difficulty, we used to chat by text message and have been there to encourage each other.

I feel very lucky to have study mates. I believe even after the conclusion of the course, we’ll continue to keep in touch.

Are you inspired by Savita’s story? ITC Study From Home has travel and tourism qualifications starting in February. Get in touch today to learn more.

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