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Student interview: Kristen from Christchurch

Posted on 17/10/2018 by

Kristen Reid is studying Level 4 while working at the YHA.

Welcome to a new feature on the Study From Home blog: student interviews.

This is your chance to learn more about what it’s like to Study From Home from people who are currently completing a qualification (or who have recently graduated).

First up, meet Kristen from Christchurch, a second-year student who is studying towards the New Zealand Certificate in Travel Level 4.

Below, she shares her story, tells us about her fantastic job with YHA, and shares some tips for future students.

SFH: What inspired you to Study From Home with ITC?

Kristen: I had been working in the industry for a year and decided I wanted to advance my career. I came from a totally different career background, but when that didn’t work out I moved on to tourism. A friend of mine was actually studying at the time and mentioned he was studying through ITC. I decided to give it a go.

Why did you choose to study travel and tourism?

I was fresh in the industry and didn’t have much knowledge as I came from a completely different industry. I wanted to know as much as I could. My mum was also a huge part of the reason why, I wanted to share my knowledge with her like she has done about the world for me!

What is your dream job?

This time last year I would of told you working for a travel agency selling international products – but now, as cliche as it sounds I have to say it’s my current job. I work for the Youth Hostel Association New Zealand, selling products for inbound tourism. Most of the time it’s also for tourists who are in my age bracket, which makes understanding their needs easy as generally they are like-minded people. It’s amazing and I love every minute of it. Helping people who are coming to our beautiful country is the best part! It also helps that YHA is an amazing place to work.

What do you find most enjoyable about studying from home so far?

Learning at my own pace. I’ve definitely benefited from this. I struggled to keep up at school as I always found it hard in subjects that weren’t art related. So studying from home was the best option. Also being able to study when I was ready was awesome too. There are obviously time limits to when topics are due etc but it worked around my life not the other way around!

What do you find challenging about studying from home?

Self motivation. It’s hard to stay motivated sometimes especially when you work full time as well as study (like myself). It does take a lot of motivation to keep going, but it’s well and truly worth it when you get the results for working hard.

Do you have any tips for students who are thinking about studying from home?

Do it! You will not regret gaining more knowledge! Gaining industry knowledge will only help you grow as a employee and also as a person.

Inspired by Kristen’s story? Study From Home has qualifications starting on October 22 – get in touch to register your interest.

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