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Student interview: Cathy from Auckland

Posted on 14/11/2018 by

Cathy is studying aviation from home in the hope of one day working at Auckland Airport.

Welcome to a new feature on the Study From Home blog: student interviews.

Every month, we interview a Study From Home student to provide insight on what it’s like to study from home with ITC.

This month, meet Cathy from Auckland who is studying towards the New Zealand Certificate in Tourism with a Strand in Aviation.

1. What inspired you to Study From Home with ITC?

The convenience of studying at your own pace, alongside family and full-time work.

2. What inspired you to study travel & tourism?

I’ve always wanted to experience what it would be like to work in the travel industry (aviation).

3. What is your dream job?

To work at the airport as a check-in agent with Air New Zealand then work my way up the career path within the industry.

4. What do you find easiest or most enjoyable about studying from home so far?

I find it really fascinating to learn about aviation. The industry is extremely interesting and I really enjoy everything I’m learning.

5. What do you find hardest about studying from home so far?

Distractions. It can be hard to focus when studying from home. You need to set aside at least three to four hours (or more) to study alone every day.

6. Do you have any advice for students who are thinking about studying from home?

  • Allocate a set time to study every day. It’s really important to study for three to four hours every day.
  • Try not to get distracted. Working in a quiet area is really helpful as it allows you to think clearly.
  • Don’t attempt to do any quizzes or exams when you’re really tired. Choose a time when you feel fresh and clear-headed.
  • Use your tutors for help.

ITC Study From Home is enrolling now for 2019. Get in touch today to learn how we can get your airline, travel and tourism career off to a flying start. 

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