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Stuck in a study slump? 5 tips to get back on track

Posted on 24/06/2020 by

Feeling a bit off? Here are some tips to help you get back on track.

Study slumps – they happen to the best of us.

A study slump is when you may be struggling with low motivation, or finding a particular subject matter really difficult.

These slumps happen from time to time and are perfectly normal. The trick is knowing how to get out of them as quickly as possible, so you don’t fall behind.

Here are some tips for getting back on track.

1. Take a short break

Sometimes, a study slump suggests you might need to give your brain a short rest.

If you can, take a break. Step away from your study for a few hours and do something you love.

You might find a short break was all you needed to snap out of your slump and come back feeling refreshed.

2. Change your scenery

Studying from home can feel a little repetitive sometimes. Try studying from a cafe or library instead and see if that helps you feel more energised.

Even moving to a different room in your house might be enough. Could you set yourself up at the dining room table for a change? 

Experiment with different study locations and see if that helps.

3. Reach out to classmates

Send a message to some of your classmates and ask for advice. Ask if they have any great tips for staying motivated when they are struggling. 

Even though you’re studying from home, you’re not alone. Chances are, your classmates are feeling the same way as you. You can help to motivate each other.

4. Talk to your tutors

If you’ve tried a few of the above strategies and you’re still feeling stuck, be sure to talk to your tutors. 

They are here to help you succeed and will be able to provide plenty of study tips and tricks you might not have considered.

5. Remember your end goal

Finally, go back to your ‘why’. Why are you studying from home? What is your end goal or your big dream?

Write your goal somewhere you can see it every day, so it motivates you to keep going.

Every assignment you complete brings you one step closer to your dream of graduating and working in the tourism industry.

You can do this!

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