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Staying active while studying from home

Posted on 22/04/2020 by

Stretching every few hours is a great way to stay active while studying.

Are you struggling to stay active while studying from home during the coronavirus lockdown? 

Even though you’re allowed to get outside for daily exercise, you might find you spend the rest of your day sitting still – and this could leave you feeling a bit restless and lethargic. 

Taking short breaks to move your body – even if it’s just for a quick stretch – can help to re-energise you and may help you concentrate better on your studies.

Here are some ideas for staying active while studying from home.

1. Set a ‘stretch’ timer 

Set an hourly reminder on your phone to stand up and stretch your body. Every few hours, try to take a longer break. 

2. Try Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene is a YouTube sensation with hundreds of free online yoga videos. There are videos to suit all fitness levels, and plenty of short 10-minute routines for a quick home workout.

3. Have a living room dance party

A fun way to get your body moving and boost your energy levels. Put on your favourite music and dance. 

4. Go for a quick walk around the block

It’s amazing what 15 minutes in the fresh air can do for your mood and motivation levels. You don’t have to wander far to get the benefits. 

5. Cook to some tunes

Cooking is actually a great way to move your body, especially if you listen to some music while you do it. Potter around the kitchen for an hour to boost the time you spend standing up vs. sitting down. 

6. Get out in the garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, now is the time to sweep, rake, weed, and prune. Looking after your plants is a great way to move your body and will help you spend more time in nature, too.

Bonus tip: Stand instead of sit

If you’re still feeling like you’re not moving enough in your day, try standing up to study instead of sitting down. Create a standing desk by piling your laptop on some phone books or placing it on a safe shelf at eye-level, and you’re good to go!  

Even standing up for 5 minutes out of every hour will help you feel less sedentary. A little goes a long way!

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