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Solo mum of three finds dream job as travel consultant

Posted on 07/06/2017 by

Rachael McIlroy rocks a new haircut ahead of starting her dream job as a travel consultant for You Travel in Eltham.

When Rachael McIlroy was thinking about enrolling with Study From Home, she read the success stories on our website.

At that moment, she felt a spark – a strong motivation to become a Study From Home success story herself.

“From the beginning I said to myself ‘I am going to be a success story’ – and I set out to do it,” says Rachael.

It’s safe to say she achieved her goal. Rachael is now working her dream job as a travel consultant for You Travel in Eltham, Taranaki. In this role, she helps people book overseas trips by offering professional advice and selling travel packages.

The solo mum of three has wanted to work in travel since she was just a toddler, when she started flying with her grandfather in his Cessna. Studying tourism from home helped her confirm this passion.

She’s thankful she had the opportunity to study from home and encourages other tourism hopefuls to do the same.

“If you’re unable to attend campus training, I encourage you to take the first step and take hold of your dreams by studying from home. With the fantastic and helpful staff, you will not regret it,” says Rachael.

She has a few tips for future Study From Home students.

Dress to impress

Wearing professional attire is not something most Study From Home students think about until they graduate – but Rachael made a point to dress professionally from the start. She found this helped her take her studies more seriously.

“From the word go, prepare yourself professionally. Even at the Orientation Day, I wore professional attire to help me prepare for this industry,” says Rachael.

Try to finish early

Another tip from Rachael is to try to hand in assignments early if you can.

“Try to complete the units early, as you never know what may come up that may hinder your studies for a short time,” she says.

“That said, if this happens the tutors are very helpful,” she adds

Treat study like a first job

“When doing assessments, think to yourself: ‘If I was in this industry already, how would I answer this question to my boss?’ This method helps you produce top quality results of a very high standard,” advises Rachael.

It’s hard work – but it’s worth it.

“I’m happy to say I have my dream job because of this hard work.”

Would you like to find your dream job in airline, travel or tourism? Get in touch today to learn how a qualification from ITC Study From Home can help you become a success story just like Rachael.

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