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Slow study week? Here’s how to bounce back

Posted on 13/11/2019 by

Tips for staying on top of your studies even when life gets busy.

Like any study path, studying from home has its ups and downs. Sometimes, you feel on top of your workload, and other times you’re pulling all nighters and early mornings to finish assignments. 

The question is, how do you bounce back after a challenging week – without falling further behind?

Here’s how to get back on top of your studies after a busy time. 

Add extra hours to your study schedule for a month

Whether you stopped studying due to family commitments, illness, or work, you have to make up those hours at some point. Add a few extra hours to your study schedule for a month to get ahead. It might make for a busier month than usual, but remember – it’s just one month.

Talk to your tutors

Be honest with your tutors if you start falling behind or feeling stressed. All of our tutors have years of experience – they’ve seen it all! They will be able to give you plenty of tips for succeeding at your studies. 

Talk to your friends and family

If you’ve fallen behind, you might not have as much time for friends and family until you catch up. Give them a heads up that if you’re slow to respond to text messages or can’t make a few social events, it’s because you’re concentrating on your studies. If you’re juggling studying with raising kids, you might also want to ask if your family can provide any extra support (you’ll never know unless you ask).

Avoid the multitasking trap

When you have more to do, it can be tempting to try to do everything at once – but this will only slow you down. Avoid multitasking and concentrate on ticking off one task at a time. (Remember, checking social media or emails while studying counts as multitasking). Try to chunk your time into bursts of focus (e.g. 45 minutes) and save social media and other distractions for your breaks.

Be gentle on yourself

Everyone has tough weeks every now and then, and sometimes life doesn’t go to plan. If you’re open and honest about your challenges and you take steps to get back on top of your studies, then you should be fine – even with a few setbacks along the way. Remember to talk to your tutors and, when you do sit down to study, stay focused. You’ve got this! 

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