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Simple ways to stay social when studying from home

Posted on 23/10/2019 by

Studying from a cafe every now and then is a great way to get some social interaction when distance learning.

Studying from home with ITC offers incredible freedom and flexibility.

If you’re a night owl, you can study while the rest of the country sleeps – no questions asked.

Morning person? No problem! Class can start at 5 am on the dot if you choose.

All this autonomy is fantastic, but it’s still important to make time to socialise throughout your day – or you might find yourself craving more human connection.

Here are some fun and easy ways to connect with people even when studying from home.

1. Pick up the phone at least once a day

Call a friend, family member, classmate, or even your tutor. Check in with someone different each day to maintain social connections and fill your social tank.

2. Eat out every now and then

Venture out to a cafe or sushi bar for a bite to eat once a week or so. Just being around other people will give you a little social boost. If you can meet a friend for lunch, even better!

3. Study from a public space

Take your study notes to the local library, a cafe with free wifi, or anywhere else that will allow you to do some focused study while being around other people.

4. Add ‘social time’ to your study schedule

When planning out your study and life commitments, see if you can add one social catch-up a week to your calendar. This might be a 30-minute coffee date with a friend or a big family day every Sunday. See what you can fit in!

5. Make the most of technology

Texting, calling, FaceTime – these are all great ways to stay in touch with friends and family if you’re too busy to arrange face-to-face catch ups. While they aren’t as good as the real deal, using technology to keep in touch will give you a social boost even during your busiest times.

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