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[Quiz] Is studying from home right for me?

Posted on 31/05/2017 by

Could you study from the comfort of your own home? Take our short quiz to find out!

Are you thinking about studying from home? Here are ten quick questions to ask yourself to discover if studying from home is a good option for you.

1. Do you live outside of Auckland?

You can study airline, travel or tourism from home with the International Travel College from anywhere in New Zealand. You can also study from home in Auckland if you’d prefer to skip the commute!

2. Are you a parent?

Studying from home is a great way to juggle getting a qualification with looking after your kids. Many parents choose a part-time course so they can balance studying with childcare.

3. Do you have good time management skills?

Are you highly organised and a pro at managing your time? Studying from home requires a lot of self-planning and sticking to a schedule.

4. Do you enjoy your own company?

You won’t be coming into a classroom every day, so it’s important that you feel comfortable spending time alone. That said, you’ll be able to interact with your tutors and classmates online and on the phone.

5. Is your family supportive of your studies?

Studying from home is often a family affair – the support of your loved ones can help you stay motivated and on-task. You may also need to share the load of childcare and household duties with your partner or extended family.

6. Do you want to study part-time?

Studying part-time is not an option for on-campus courses, so if you want the flexibility of part-time hours, studying from home could be for you.

7. Are you motivated and determined?

You’ll need to the motivation to focus on your studies when the TV and the fridge are only a few steps away.

8. Do you want to work while you study?

You can study from home part-time and work part-time – a great way to earn an income while you gain a qualification.

9. Do you have a laptop or computer and a reliable internet connection?

Our study from home courses are taught online, so make sure your technology is reliable.

10. Would you be prepared to travel to Auckland for a day?

We hold an Orientation Workshop for our study from home students in Auckland. This is a great way to meet your classmates (and a great excuse for a trip to the city). It’s not compulsory but it is well worth attending if you can.

If you answered mostly “yes”… then you’d thrive when studying from home! It sounds like distance learning is the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Get in touch today to find out about our upcoming classes.

If you answered mostly “no”… then on-campus study might be a better fit. If you live in Auckland, you can study on-campus in the city centre or in Botany. Contact ITC to book a free tour of one of the campuses.

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