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Music to study by: Five Spotify playlists to try

Posted on 03/10/2018 by

Listening to music while you study can improve concentration and help you focus.

Ever noticed how quiet the house can seem when you’re studying from home? Just you, your thoughts, and maybe the distant hum of the fridge to keep you company.

No wonder studying can make you feel sleepy and lethargic sometimes!

A good way to stay energised is to listen to music while you study. Many people avoid the radio because it’s too distracting, but thanks to Spotify, there are plenty of study playlists to choose from to help you focus.

Here are five Spotify study playlists to try next time you’d like some background noise.

1) Deep Focus

A beautiful selection of calming yet uplifting songs to help you find your study rhythm. These songs don’t have vocals and can be best described as atmospheric rock. The music is upbeat enough to give you an energy boost but not intense enough to be distracting.

2) The Office Stereo

Love discovering the latest tunes but don’t want to listen to the radio because of the ads and the presenters? Try The Office Stereo, instead. Just be warned: you might find yourself dancing along as you study.

3) Peaceful Piano

Is there anything more relaxing than listening to someone play the piano? If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your study to-do list, put on the Peaceful Piano playlist and you’ll immediately start to unwind and boost your productivity.

4) Intense Studying

The name of this playlist says it all. Intense Studying is for when you really need to minimise distractions and get stuff done! Make a cup of coffee, put this playlist on in the background, and get to work.

5) Atmospheric Calm

The songs on this playlist are probably best described as chilled-out house music (with a bit of piano thrown in there). The tunes are very relaxed but have enough upbeat energy to keep you feeling fresh.

What are your favourite songs to study by? Share in the comments below.

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