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Motivational study tips from ITC graduates

Posted on 29/11/2017 by

Want to feel like this about your studies? Read on for motivational tips from ITC graduates.

Need some motivation to study? These motivational tips from ITC graduates will do the trick!

“Always keep on top of assessments” – Kristina McGaffin (Air New Zealand Lounge Host)

Kristina’s study tip is to stay up-to-date with all of your assessments. “Don’t leave/skip them till the last minute,” she says.

If you don’t keep on top of your assessments, you could risk falling behind. The longer you take to complete your qualification, the longer you will take to find a job in the industry. So do your best to stay focused.

“Don’t be shy” – Mary Jean Rivera (Passenger Services Agent for Menzies Aviation)

If you have a question, “don’t be shy”, advises Mary Jean Rivera. After all, that’s what the tutors are there for – to educate you and answer your questions along the way.

“Ask for help from your tutor if you’re not sure. They’re always willing to help you.”

“Be brave, be bold, be you!” – Arietta Pauva (Customer Service Representative for Jetstar)

There’s only one you so don’t be afraid to be yourself, says Arietta Pauva. “One thing that this field has taught me is to speak up and shine,” she says.

She also advocates “doing everything with reliability and commitment”.

“Remember why you applied” – Adrian Bunn (Delivery Care Consultant for Air New Zealand)

Whenever you’re tempted to give up, “remember why you applied”, says Adrian.

“Never think you can’t, because you can. Always try and try, again and again,” he adds.

“Be patient” – Cassandra Devas (Customer Service Consultant for Fullers Group)

Achieving a qualification doesn’t happen overnight, so “be patient” and keep working towards your goals, says Cassandra Devas.

“Don’t lose hope and give up if things aren’t working. Just try your best and be patient.”

“Don’t worry about any set backs along the way” – Taryn Brown (Flight Attendant for Air New Zealand)

Everyone makes mistakes – but the trick is not to let them hold you back, says Taryn Brown.

“Aim high and you will get there. Don’t worry about the set backs and bumps along the way as they are a great learning curve.”

“Never give up” – Andrea Liu-Dantzer (Check-in Agent for Air New Zealand)

Andrea believes “it’s crucial to stay focused” and to “never give up”. She says it took her two years to reach her goal, but it was worth the wait and effort.

“If you have a goal in mind, pursue it. Chase your dream. Never give up. Focus on doing what you need to do to achieve your dream.”

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