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Meet our first recipient of the Manaaki New Zealand Short Term Training Scholarship

Posted on 25/10/2023 by

Alison Ramo Oiofa is excited for the opportunities now open to her thanks to Study From Home and our travel and tourism qualifications.

Alison Ramo Oiofa is the very first Study From Home student who graduated the Level 3 Tourism Certificate after receiving Manaaki New Zealand Short Term Training Scholarship.

Alison, who lives and works in the Solomon Islands, found out about ITC and Study From Home through the New Zealand High Commission Office. Not only did she go on to gain the scholarship, but now she has completed her qualification, and is using it to take her next big step in her career!

We asked Alison a few questions about her time with us, what she’s doing now, and if she has any suggestions for future students.  

How did your adventure begin with us at ITC? How did you first hear or experience our college?

I heard from the New Zealand High Commission Office in the Solomon Islands.

What do you think ITC does different from other education providers?

They are different from other providers because:

  • The offered me free short courses
  • They reached out when we needed help
  • They make sure we are doing well with our study
  • They are even concerned about our welfare

If I could rate this education provider, I would rate it to 100%.

What was the best part of your Study From Home journey?

My best part of my journey is when I am on Zoom with my tutor and when we do the teamwork session.

What is your next/current adventure after ITC?

To work as a travel coordinator in our office, and planning that one day I will go and visit all the sights in New Zealand that I learned about during my studies.

Following on from the previous question about your next or current adventure, what will a typical day look like for you on this adventure?

I am currently working as a front desk officer at the Solomon Football Federation, and the good news is that since I have a good knowledge of travel from my online studies, I have submitted a letter of expression and informed them about the tourism Level 3 course I completed. I’m advising them that as soon as I receive my certificate, I will submit for a National Team Travel Coordinator role in our office that was advertised last month.

The National Travel Coordinator job description is basically to deal with flight bookings, applying for visas, making accommodation bookings when the team travels both domestically and internationally. That’s why I am so proud and look forward for this position with the support of this qualification.

How did ITC prepare or support you for this?

ITC supported me with the knowledge of understanding different types of travels, types of visas, calculating days and times in and around the world. Knowing different types of people and their characters, their dislikes and likes, and how to deal with them in a rightful way, and much more.

What are you excited most about your journey from here?

I am so excited because with this certificate it promotes me from where I am today.

What advice do you have for others wanting to study tourism?

Tourism creates thousands of jobs. It boosts the economy and develops the infrastructures of a country.

Therefore, I kindly advise you to avoid overanalysing things, it’s common to experience some shyness or anxiety before entering a new school. Nobody is flawless the first time they do something. Pose a lot of questions if you are uncertain about something, and invest a lot of time in your CV.

Study From Home like Alison

Study From Home offers an excellent opportunity to earn a qualification in travel and tourism, and learn all about the industry, how it all works, and the kinds of jobs you could do.

While Alison received a scholarship, don’t forget that you might be eligible for the Fees Free programme, which could cover some (or all) of your course costs.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team and learn more about how you could get qualified from the comfort of your own home, whenever it suits you!

Study From Home – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or


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