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It’s not too late to study from home in 2017

Posted on 18/10/2017 by

Thinking about studying in 2017? You’ve still got time!

Christmas decorations may be popping up everywhere, but 2017 is far from over.

ITC Study From Home is still accepting applications for its tourism and travel qualifications starting in late October.

Here are three reasons why the end of the year is a great time to start studying. Get in quick so you don’t miss out!

You get a break over Christmas

When you start studying in October or November, there’s only a short wait until Christmas. Many students find it easier to focus on their studies knowing they will be able to enjoy a holiday soon.

The days are longer in summer

There are more daylight hours in summer, which can make you feel like you have more time in your day! Make the most of those bright early mornings and light summer evenings by getting ahead on your studies.

You don’t have to wait until 2018

The new year is still a few months away – think of all the study you could achieve in that time. If you start now, you could be halfway through your qualification come January! Don’t delay your studies, get started today so you can graduate sooner. If you know you want a career in travel and tourism, there’s no point in waiting!

The New Zealand Certificate in Tourism Level 3 and the New Zealand Certificate in Travel Level 4 start on October 23. Contact us today to register your interest.

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