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ITC student shares her best tips for combining work and study

Posted on 27/03/2019 by

Working in a customer service job while you study is a great way to set yourself up for success when you graduate.

One great perk about studying from home is the flexibility to work while you study.

However, combining study and work can be a challenge – after all, there are only so many hours in the day!

According to ITC student Casey Stare, the challenge is worth it. Casey works part-time at a hotel and studies at ITC’s Christchurch campus.

Although Casey studies in the classroom (not via distance learning), she has some excellent time management tips for on-campus and Study From Home students alike.

Below she shares her best tips for combining work and study.

Adopt an ‘attitude of gratitude’

“I will admit, it is exhausting and can be frustrating if I have homework or I just want to sleep, but it’s worth it. Ruby (my tutor) reminds me that I’m so lucky to already be working in the tourism industry and she’s correct.”

Become a time management whizz

“It is all about time management. I never used to be good at this, but now I plan almost everything. My notes on my phone are filled with things that need to be organised and once they are done, I will tick them off. If I have homework, this is my main priority.”

Write lists

“Having a list of things that need to be done really helps me because then I can physically see it. I even write down things like: friends I haven’t caught up with for awhile or cleaning my car or tidying my room. Since I work and study, I feel like I never have time for these things so I try to tick them off one-by-one.”

Be organised

“Being organised before work or class is a huge help. If I know I’m working, I’ll make sure my uniform is clean and that I have everything I need, so when I leave course there can be a smooth transition to work, and vice versa. If I finish work late and start studying early the next morning, I prepare my morning tea, bag, and what I’m going to wear the next day before work so there’s no stress.”

Aim to be early

“I never used to be this type of person! I was never organised! But most of the time now I’m 10 minutes early to class and 10 minutes early to work because I have taught myself about time management and the importance of being prepared.”

Keep your eyes on your end goal

“You really need to be determined and keep your eyes on the end goal. I think it’s very important to work while you study, the money is a big plus but working in the travel industry is all about customer service experience. I know after finishing this course I will be able to apply for tourism jobs and go straight into the industry because I have the customer service experience behind me.”

Are you inspired by Casey’s story? Get in touch to see how we can help you get your airline, travel and tourism career off to a flying start.

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