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ITC chosen to provide training to Auckland’s Pacific workers with Project Ikuna

Posted on 07/12/2022 by

Project Ikuna will help to train and upskill Auckland’s Pacific workers.

ITC is excited to announce that we have been chosen as a micro-credential provider for Project Ikuna – the training programme for Auckland’s Pacific workers delivered through Tātaki Auckland Unlimited.

Being chosen to provide training for Project Ikuna attests to our reputation for excellent training programmes and our involvement in the community.

Read on to learn more about what Project Ikuna is, how we’ll be contributing, and why we were chosen as a training partner.

What is Project Ikuna? 

Project Ikuna is an incredible programme that provides completely free training for Pacific people in work in Auckland. It is a MBIE-funded programme that’s designed to help the Pacific people in employment to upskill and adapt to the future of work.

Employers can sign up for Project Ikuna in order to provide their staff with free training options, which include a variety of courses such as money confidence, introduction to leadership, wellbeing, preparing for retirement, life online, and more.

Employers can pick one course for their employees or several, all of which is fully funded.

The courses are short, typically just 16 hours or so, and can be delivered on-site at the workplace, at our ITC campuses, or online in some cases. Programmes are usually delivered over the space of eight weeks with just two hours per week, but employers can opt for a different schedule that better suits their workplace if they prefer.

How will ITC take part?

ITC will be one of the providers all of the Project Ikuna courses available at the moment all over the Auckland region.

Our tutors will either deliver the programmes at workplaces to suit the employers, or staff can come to one of our ITC campuses to receive the training in one of our classrooms. Businesses can choose which option works best for their schedule, needs, and staff.

Claire Huxley, ITC Chief Executive, played a large role in forming the relationship with Tātaki Auckland Unlimited.

“We are so excited to be appointed a Project Ikuna partner, we see this as a valuable partnership with the government, Auckland Council, employers and learners in Tāmaki Makaurau. ITC has always prided itself on encouraging and working with people to enjoy the journey of learning and we see education as a key tool for personal development in the workplace, it’s a win/win for everyone,” she said. 

Why was ITC chosen?

With our track record of providing excellent training programmes to Pasifika students, and our expertise in offering qualifications in the travel and tourism industry, ITC was an obvious choice for Project Ikuna.

Matt Padernal of Tātaki Auckland Unlimited explained the decision, saying that the programme was “recently expanded to provide training to companies in the tourism, hospitality and retail industries, so we were looking for education providers best placed to deliver the training.”

“The International Travel College (ITC) is well-known in the education space for its exceptional Travel & Tourism programmes. Therefore, ITC was a perfect partner to come on board for Project Ikuna as a new provider who can offer high-standard training to Pacific people employed in these industries.

“Our aspiration is that these short, externally accredited, in-work courses that ITC will be delivering through Project Ikuna will support Pacific people in less skilled jobs to move into higher-level jobs with their existing employers or be better placed to pursue further training or other employment should their existing jobs end due to the constantly changing nature of work,” explained Padernal.

Interested in upskilling your Pacific workforce?

If you’re an employer in the Auckland region and would like to access fully funded training for your Pacific staff, you can register your interest with Project Ikuna today.

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