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ITC and Study From Home a proven pathway straight into the travel and tourism industry

Posted on 29/06/2022 by

Want to work in New Zealand’s vibrant travel and tourism industry? ITC and Study From Home can make it happen.

Right now, anyone with any kind of travel or tourism qualification in New Zealand is hot property. The industry is desperate for qualified staff, which is why we’re seeing our Study From Home and ITC graduates finish their studies with us and immediately land jobs.

In fact, right now it’s taking just one or two days for graduates to gain employment.

They haven’t even hung their qualifications on the wall by the time they’re accepting a job offer in the industry!

Feedback from recent graduates

When we asked recent graduates if they would recommend their ITC or Study From Home experience to friends and family, 100% of them said yes.

That includes all of the graduates who finished their studies so far this year in our Auckland City and Botany campuses, and all of those who studied online with Study From Home.

We also asked for their most outstanding experiences during their time with us:

  • “The bonding and close relationship each student has amongst each other. However the amount of support and encouragement from both tutors and students was the most outstanding experience for me! If it wasn’t for their inspiring words I wouldn’t be here about to complete the course and gain my qualification.”
  • “I’ve learnt so much about the travel industry, also it was a goal to meet new people from different cultures.”
  • “The support from Take but also ALL other tutors and staff. It is amazing how ITC is a big family and I loved the support system here.”
  • “Gaining more in-depth knowledge about the tourism industry and the impact it has worldwide.”
  • “They’ve become my family”
  • “How supportive the tutors are”
  • “The knowledge I gained, the flexibility and adaptability of the tutors, school systems and processes, and the amazing time and tutoring provided by the tutors.”

How our qualifications get you a foot in the door

Right now, there are global talent shortages like the world has rarely ever seen, and job placements in the travel industry recently hit their second-highest level ever.

As we expected following the pandemic, the tourism industry is booming here and around the world. New Zealand travel and tourism employers are seeking qualified staff to help them get ready for a busy winter tourist season, followed by a huge summer tourism season later this year.

And we’re proud to see so many of our students graduate and start their first job in tourism within just a day or two of receiving their certificates!

Our Study From Home and ITC courses focus on giving students the real-world skills and knowledge they need to get started in the industry straight away. Our students learn about travel requirements and documentation, customer service, cross-cultural communication, and much more, giving them a great foundation in travel and tourism skills no matter what kind of role they are looking for.

If you’re looking to get into travel and tourism, Study From Home can offer you the qualifications you need to go from graduation to employment in just days, all through distance learning online. Get in touch to learn more.

Study From Home – 0800 TOURISM (0800 868747) or

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