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How to succeed at studying from home

Posted on 16/12/2015 by
One of the best ways to ensure study from home success is by creating a weekly or monthly study schedule - and sticking to it!

One of the best ways to ensure study from home success is by creating a weekly or monthly study schedule – and sticking to it!

Nine times out of ten, studying from home feels like a dream. You can revise your notes in your favourite comfy pants, sit outside in the sunshine and drink as many cups of coffee as you want. And my personal favourite? When it’s raining you don’t have to face the elements – you can stay huddled under a blanket with your course books.

But sometimes having the freedom to study whenever you want can work against you. Ever found yourself sitting down to study only to start watching TV or browsing social media? One of the hardest things about studying from home is staying motivated and resisting the temptation of procrastination.

Fortunately over the years we’ve come across some excellent strategies for study from home success. If you’re feeling behind in your course work or worried distance learning isn’t for you, please have a read of these tips – you might be surprised at how one little change in your study habits can make such a difference.

Create a study schedule – and stick to it!

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again; in order to succeed at distance learning, you’ll need to become a stickler for organisation. Whether you use an app, a diary or a colour-coded calendar, plan your weeks out in advance to ensure you have time to fit study in alongside everything else in your life. Wall calendars are particularly useful as you can mark all of your due dates in a bright colour. Hang this up somewhere you see every day – that way they will be a constant reminder (and motivator) to get the work done.

Follow a study routine that works for you

The next trick to study from home success is consistency. It’s all very well to start out with great intentions on Monday morning, but the key is keeping up your study routine throughout the week. This might take some time to master, so it’s good to experiment with different study patterns and see which routine works best for you. Perhaps you do your best work first thing in the morning, with a cup of coffee in hand? Or maybe you’re at your most focused in the evenings after dinner? Find your most productive hours and set them aside for study on a regular basis.

Get to know your tutors and your classmates

When you study airline, travel or tourism with ITC, you’ll have access to a great team of tutors. You’ll also have the chance to interact with your classmates on online forums, or even in-person at the occasional workshop. Make the most of these connections. Call your tutors if you’re struggling with a particular subject. Stay in touch with your classmates and compare study notes. Not only will these social interactions give you a boost of energy, you might even make some new friends in the process. Studying from home doesn’t have to be a lonely endeavour.

Leave the house

You might be wondering; does it still count as studying from home if I’m at the library, a local café or a friend’s place? As long as you are actually studying (and not just people-watching or catching up on the latest gossip), then of course it does! One of the best things about studying from home is it gives you the flexibility to take your coursework with you, wherever you go. Leaving the house every now and then can be great for your mental health, especially if you’re known to spend prolonged amounts of time in your pajamas.

Be grateful

Now, before I lose you with a sentimental spiel about gratitude, please hear me out: being thankful about your ability to study from home is one of the best ways to stay motivated. On days when you’re tired, bored and over studying, just think: if I wasn’t doing this, how would I get a great qualification? How would I get one step closer to my dream job? All of your hard work will be worth it – sometimes we just all need a little reminder.

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  1. Carla says:

    Awesome Jess, so true! I love your ideas and suggestions, and know our successful students follow those ‘guidelines’ and achieve their qualification!

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