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How to study in summer when the beach is calling your name

Posted on 17/02/2016 by
Trying to study but all you can think about is the beach? See our tips below for how to stay focused on beautiful summer days.

Trying to study but all you can think about is the beach? See our tips below for how to stay focused on beautiful summer days.

Studying from home during the warm summer months can be tough. Beautiful blue sky days probably have you dreaming about the beach. It can be tempting to ignore your assignments, pack a picnic and head to the water for a day of sunbathing and swimming.

While trading study for the beach sounds amazing (let’s be honest – we’d all rather be on holiday all summer!), we’re here to help you stay motivated. Here’s how to stay focused during summer, no matter how loudly the beach is calling your name.

Take your books outside

Staying inside on a beautiful day often feels plain wrong – as if you are wasting perfectly good weather. There’s only one way to beat this: take your study stuff outside. Do some reading in your garden, at a nearby park or even outside at a local café. Just be sure to wear sunscreen and sit in the shade where possible. While we wouldn’t recommend studying outside all day, every day, a few hours in the fresh air will help you stay focused and give your soul a much needed dose of nature.

Study in the mornings and evenings

Here’s a genius idea: if you start studying at dawn and study for a few hours after dinner, then you could spend the middle of the day at the beach! This plan only works if you’re disciplined and stick to your new schedule (we’re talking 5am wake-up calls). But, if you think you could totally squeeze in study around your beach outing, then by all means – give it a whirl. There’s nothing nicer than having the beach all to yourself while everyone else is in class or at work.

Buy a fan or study at an air conditioned library

One of the hardest parts about studying from home in summer is staying cool – literally. Unlike classrooms, most homes don’t come with air conditioning. If your house resembles an oven, it’s a good idea to invest in a fan. This will do wonders for your energy levels! Another good idea is to study at the library. These quiet, air conditioned spaces will help you stay focused even on the hottest of days.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

Including a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet is important all year round, but it’s especially helpful when you’re trying to stay focused in the summer heat. Nothing will put you to sleep faster than a carb-heavy hot meal! Instead of digging into porridge for breakfast and pasta for lunch, try to eat lighter meals such as smoothies and salads. Veggie-packed meals will leave you feeling healthy and energised.

Make the most of your time off

Everyone needs a break every now and then. Next time you have a few hours to yourself, don’t waste them inside watching reruns of Friends. Instead, head straight to the beach to get your fix. Summer is often over before we know it, so be sure to make the most of every bit of downtime you have.

Happy studying!

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