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How to stay motivated when studying from home

Posted on 15/04/2020 by

Tips for staying focused on your study during these uncertain times.

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, studying from home has become the ‘new normal’ for students around New Zealand.

There are many benefits to studying from home, including increased flexibility, lower overheads (e.g. no travel costs), and the ability to study part-time – just to name a few.

It’s a fantastic way to gain a tourism qualification – which is why we’ve been successfully offering distance learning for over 15 years!

However, studying from home does require some self-motivation. And, given that we’re in the midst of a global pandemic, you might find that your motivation tanks are low right now. That’s completely normal. If you’re feeling tired or unmotivated, you’re not alone. The good news is, there are several things you can do to get yourself back on track.

Here are some ideas for staying motivated and boosting your mindset during these uncertain times.

1. Focus on your ‘why’

Think about why you chose to study from home. What motivates you? Is it the dream of an exciting career in airline, travel or tourism? Is it the goal of gaining a qualification to improve your career prospects? Is it the spark of curiosity and excitement you feel when you learn about different cultures and destinations? 

Everyone’s ‘why’ will be different. Take the time to consider yours, because this will help you stay motivated. Write your ‘why’ down somewhere you will see it every day, and have faith in this brighter future. 

2. Break everything into small goals

Once you’ve remembered your ‘why’, you’ll hopefully feel a surge of energy and excitement. You’ve got a dream, and a qualification will help you achieve that!

But, then you might feel a sense of overwhelm sink in – you might look ahead and see so much work to complete, and wonder where to start. 

The trick is to break everything into small goals. Focus on what you can achieve in one day, one week, one month – and all of your efforts will add up to the big result.

Write a study plan and give yourself small, achievable tasks to complete each day. Once you’ve ticked them off, celebrate your efforts – reward yourself with something small yet meaningful, like a video call with your best friends or your favourite TV program.

Big goals are achieved by taking small steps consistently. You’ve got this!

3. Ask for support

Your Study From Home tutors and classmates are here to motivate you, encourage you, and support you.

Make the most of all the support on offer from the Study From Home team, and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re unsure about something. They are here to help! 

Take the time to connect with some of your classmates, virtually. Set up WhatsApp groups or send out a few emails. You’re all in this together, and you can motivate each other at this time.

Most of all, treat yourself with self-compassion. You’re studying during a global pandemic, and that’s no small thing! You’re doing an incredible job and your future self will thank you for it. Well done, you! 

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