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How to refocus on your studies after the Easter break

Posted on 04/04/2018 by

Struggling to get back into study after the Easter break? Hint: it might be a good idea to put away your chocolate eggs.

Ahh, long weekends – a chance to relax, unwind, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy some delicious food. Long weekends are the best!

But, when you study from home, it can be tough to motivate yourself to get back into your assignments after a break.

Are you still on holiday mode after Easter? Did you eat too much chocolate and you’re experiencing a sugar crash? Do you need a bit of extra motivation to help you refocus?

Here are five tips to get back into your studies after the Easter break.

1. Revisit your study schedule

Short weeks can wreak havoc on your study schedule. Take a look at the week ahead and see if anything needs to be shuffled around so that you can fit in enough study hours. You might need to study later in the evening or on the weekend to make up for the time off. Don’t worry, things will be back to normal soon.

2. Start with an easy task

Normally we encourage you to tackle your most challenging tasks, first – so you don’t procrastinate. But after a long weekend it’s much nicer to start with an easy task so that you can celebrate a ‘small win’, and slowly get your brain back up to speed. Start with something simple like proofreading an assignment you wrote last week or brainstorming ideas for your next module.

3. Hide your chocolate

Still working your way through a pile of Easter eggs? Hide them somewhere safe – or, even better, send them to work with a family member so that you’re not tempted to spend all day eating chocolate instead of studying. Reward yourself with a hard-earned egg at the end of the day. Use the chocolate as motivation to keep studying, not as a distraction.

4. Turn your phone on flight mode

Put your phone on flight mode to avoid social media and other distractions. Try to do this for at least an hour at a time. As with the chocolate (see tip #3), use social media as a reward for studying. For example, after you’ve spent an hour working on your assignment, you can spend ten minutes scrolling Instagram.

5. Reach out to a classmate or tutor

One of the best parts of a long weekend is exchanging stories with other people. Call, email or text one of your classmates (or your tutors) to see what they did on the long weekend. Chatting with classmates is a good reminder that you’re all in the same boat – that you’re not the only one feeling a little tired and groggy after a weekend of eating chocolate.

We hope these tips help you get back into the swing of things. Remember, your tutors are a just a phone call away if you need some extra encouragement.

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